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Full Version: Warhammer Quest and dreams of Hashut
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Furnace of Hashut (take two is finished)

Into the Dark (final official WHQ tile to finish the full set)

I switched the direction of the faces around on the banister so they no longer look like the banister is coming out of their mouths.  It's a lot less work as I'd need to sculpt horns on the back of each head, separate the lower jaw and extend it to the floor as it looks like the original art is suggesting that...  so like I say, too much work for what I'm prepared to do at the moment.

White Dwarf #192 - Into the Dark

And I cheated a little this time and broke my own rules about not using acrylic on small detail pieces. The heads on the banisters were dry brushed right along with the rock.  I still stand by my statement though, that in general acrylics aren't great to be using on miniatures, unless they're large things like terrain-sized pieces.  Keep in mind too that you don't get as smooth a texture using acrylics either unless you use good paints and have some technique (neither of which I have).

That was the last of the Warhammer Quest tiles to make, and just in time as I'm back to work full time on Aug 31st.

So with that... I declare I'm done.  Is it time for some *&%$ gaming yet?

Sorry for the grainy pics, these couldn't be taken under natural sunlight (was done at 3am!)...  Er, I mean:

BEHOLD! The terrible depths of the underearth.  Doom and peril await those weak and feeble adventurers who venture within. Soon these realms will fall to the might of the armies of the Dawi Zharr!  

Couple of quick notes...
Third last pic is of the portcullis that replaces the paper one that's forever falling out of the door during game play.  The angle of the pic makes the portcullis look like it's an odd fit, but it really is symmetrical and covers the whole doorway.  It mounts over part of one side of the door on the little square ledges atop the pillars so that it won't fall.  Looks a lot more impressive than the cardboard one even though it's wholly inaccurate to the original drawing... at least this one you can still see through which is useful for game play because missile weapons are still able to be fired through the portculls (see the rules for the Gao, for example).

We use beads from Michael's craft store for various things in the game:
red = Wounds, and it's easy to tell at a glance how badly off you and your allies are by looking at the big bloody pools that are on the table.  Also saves time writing and erasing constantly.  We keep our Wounds in small pottery 'bowls' that some friends made me before they sold their pottery business and retired... but I digress,
orange = Power, actually just reserve Power that you start the adventure with and for Power stored in artifacts, the Power that the Wizard gets on a turn-by-turn basis is just read off the die roll.  Oh, and we have a specific Power Phase die that is used, and no other die, it's a clear smoky gray die that's unique on our table and everyone knows not to touch it except the Wizard who rolls it each turn.
blue = luck. There aren't many of these floating around, even at high levels and everyone always holds on to their last one with a death grip until the shit hits the fan.  The beads make for a way better feeling for the game than just a number on a page.

I've also created custom character reference sheets that we use. It's got all the basic stuff on there, as well as a full to-hit chart with Weapon Skill references for attacker and defender from WS 1 through 10 and all the die rolls needed (a known issue with WHQ is that a lot of the original material in the game had errors in these tables, particularly the player hand-outs!).  The sheets started out as a one-layout fits all, but I've since customized ones for the Dwarf (with a chart for axe runes and to keep track of how many of each he has and how many have been used each quest) and another one for the Wizard with some spell and Power specific stuff on there.  The Barbarian and Elf just use the generic one I made up... maybe if I play as the Elf more I'll decide I want a better one.  The sheets aren't flashy, but they get the job done.

Been a while since my last post.  Wasn't sure if it was kosher to resurrect the thread in this sort of instance as it's an on-going thing or if I should start a new thread.  

Anyway, here's the current status of the custom doorways that are intended to match-up with the various Objective Rooms:

Fighting Pit
This was an easy one, but kind of cheaty... I just used a set of animosity orcs.

Tomb Chamber
Praying knight fig from Reaper.  Starting to think it may need some banners or something hanging as well.

Quirrick's Lab
This Objective Room is from a White Dwarf expansion (two views)

Lair of the Orc Warlord
Still need to put some GS on the spear pole to blend the plastic/metal join more smoothly.  Not sure what else should go on here, but it seems to need something more.

Deamonic Portal
Doesn't specifically go with any particular room, but I wanted it for some Chaos Dwarf scenarios.
Still needs stuff, maybe deamonic horns coming out of the skull over the door instead of the regular horns that are there... that and more GS, which will look like twisted deamon flesh-type stuff when it's all done.  Skulls maybe?  

Felt very uninspired with this one.  It's supposed to be a lava room, but that's about it.  I decided it was going to have a Chaos theme to it.  The Battlemasters mini is going to be painted as a statue, and one of the carved faces on the backside is going to have lava pouring from its mouth down onto the base of the door and into the opening in the floor (which I'm hoping is going to look like lava has eaten it away).  Other than that I'm not excited about this one.

Still need ideas for the Idol Chamber, Fountain and the Furnace of Hashut.

For the Dread King's Throne Room I'm going to have two skeletons with long spears standing guard on either side of the door with their spears crossed, some tomb stones, lots of bones and skulls and probably a skeleton coming up out of the ground on the opposite side of the doorway.

As for the Furnace of Hashut I'm thinking of having a Sorcerer who has turned to stone except half of his face and one eye standing on one side of the door, and then a statue of one of the Hellcannon Crewman who is pointing through the doorway.  Probably a bull's head over the door instead of the usual skull (Minotaur's head, actually).  No idea what else needs to be there yet though.

Glad folks are still enjoying this thread! It's only 3 years old... and I believe post #1 in this thread was my first ever post on CDO! Shock

Anyway, we're still playing Warhammer Quest and I've managed to rope in quite a few people locally. I also got enough people hooked that three of them have gone out and bought their own copies on eBay Wink  

I don't know where I found all of the time to make this still 3 years ago. back then I was on parental leave from work with my first-born who was 1 year old. Now, almost exactly 3 years later I'm on parental leave again with a 1 year old and I can't see to even find time to paint, let alone take on such a big project.

I have been thinking about new Warhammer Quest tiles lots though... what I really want to make are Chaos / Chaos Dwarf versions of all of the original tiles, but that may be a few years down the road at this rate.

I've started expanding the WHQ tiles again. I haven't fully ventured into making 3D versions of the new versions, but I've started making variants of the classic WHQ Dungeon and Corridor tiles:

This one was shown over in my main blog recently - support columns for Undgrin Ankor, the Dawi-constructed Underway that stretches below the mountains of the Old World. This is one of the 2x6 Corridor sections

And a 4x4 Dungeon tile. I used dummy floor tiles to measure out placement of the primed and roughed-up tiles as I was gluing them down so that I would make sure I was placing them correctly.

Here's some of the pieces so far primed and ready for painting. Because this is Dwarf construction and not some shoddy Skaven or human work I wanted the lines to still be in relatively good shape (except for a little bit of wear and tear, especially on the floor). In order to clean up the lines and seams I used plaster and carefully filled in all of the gaps and mis-shapen areas, then smoothed them down once dry. The effect works well and you can't easily see where the seams are once it's done.

... and a close-up of a 2x2 test section I had made up to try out the design of the support column

I use a 45x45mm square to represent the base tile size for my WHQ tiles, and over the last couple of years I have maintained this as my reference size for any stairs, pathways, etc. Even the Chaos Dwarf Mining Complex I'm making has this same tile dimension on the tops of both towers and will also be used for the interior as well - allowing all of the terrain pieces I've made to be used in WHQ campaigns. Even the base for the Airship I made used the same tile size, as well as a custom WHQ entrance door that leads to steps winding down.  There's also a dummy plug that can be used to replace the clear acrylic rod so that it can be used as just a terrain piece.

Oh, and that massive sheet of foam in the background is awaiting use as a life-size version of the WHQ doorway to frame my gaming room in the basement Wink  Takes Hat off

Finished the rest of the board sections for the Dawi Underway.  

Not sure if I'll make many more than these 3 in this style, not right now anyway.  Making these has reminded me how quickly the WHQ dungeon tile creation was going by the time I finished off.  This process has gotten me keen to finally start thinking about my Chaos Dwarf-themed WHQ boards.  It's rather ambitious at the moment, but not quite as much as making all of the original tiles.  

Here's the plan so far:

Chaos Dwarf-themed Warhammer Quest boards

4x4 Dungeon Rooms
Summoning Chamber - Center tiles of the room are smashed, with pieces of a blown-apart Hellcannon strewn around. Clearly something went horribly wrong in here. (I've got lots of Hellcannon bitz around from a mis-cast/Finecast Hellcannon body, to some mis-cast wheels I made a while back)
Treasure Vault - Gold, treasure chests, scrolls, etc.
The Heat Below - Most of the room, except for a narrow border around the outside, is all lava. It is covered over by a thick black grate with a carved Dawi Zharr image... but the lava is visible below Wink
Hitching Post - A place to tie up slaves. Central column has many rings and chains dangling down

Objective Rooms
Firechasm - Largely unchanged, but with a sturdier Dawi Zharr-constructed bridge and bronze runed pillar instead of a dragon statue
Daemonsmith's Diabolic Forge - Instead of the Fountain room there will be a central forge accessible from all around, with lava pouring down into troughs in the floor, encircling the room.
Temple of Hashut - Replacing the Idol Chamber, this will have a bronzed bull or some other representation of Hashut for worship
Slave Pit - Same layout as the Fighting Pit, but without a rope to climb up/down.
Tomb Chamber - Using the Dread King's Chamber from the Catacomb's of Terror (which is 8x5 instead of the usual 6x4 size of the Objective Rooms), the pillars flanking the entry ramp will have petrified Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers/Sorcerer-Prophets atop them, leading to an altar with a cracked anvil.

Corridor 1 - 2x6, painted in a dark marble pattern
Corridor 2 - probably similar to the above, with symbols carved into the floor
T-junction - Chaos Dwarf symbols and the Chaos Star/Wheel combined to suggest it's pointing along the 3 directions
Stairs - 2x6 stair section, probably with some decoration beneath the stairs, like buried slaves, pipes, etc.

Doorways (all custom, but very similar look to the original ones)
Doorway Design 1 - There will actually be 2-3 such doorways, which will use modified Minotaur heads above the archway instead of skulls.
Doorway Design 2 - Polished pillars, etched with flaming Dawi Zharr runes
Doorway Design 3 - Pillars with attached chains and the skeletal remains of a chained-up slave
Doorway Design 4 - Treasure vault entrance (similar look to design 1, but with coins and treasure spilling out a little)
Doorway Design 5 - Old style plastic Chaos Dwarf Warrior 'statues' guarding either side of the doorway
Doorway Design 6 - Entrance to the Temple of Hashut (using the classic Lammasu head over the doorway... I have several that I cast in resin from a few years ago)
Doorway Design 7 - Diabolic forge entrance with smoke stacks, pipes, a small forge at the side of the doorway, and forge tools strewn in the doorway.

This isn't going to happen quickly... I'll need to start compiling artwork and references material as well as lots of bitz before I can start Takes Hat off

And lastly... my gaming room door is coming along. Here's the inspiration again:

I cut a sheet of 2"-thick insulation foam into 6ft tall pieces to frame the doorway, and added a small border of 1"-thick foam to the edges of the backings. The 1" piece on the back is to allow the pieces to accommodate the door frame and sit flush over it.

Measuring the remaining height for the top archway piece and getting the skull to fit.

The large pieces at the sides of the door are ~9" wide. I made a cardboard template of a 9" diameter semi-circle so I could make the face of the columns.  Here's the initial placements of the semi-circle pieces to give the implied shape of the column.

To fill in all of the gaps between the semi-circle spacers I made another template which was only the outline of the semi-circle. I then used a hot wire cutter to cut the 2"-thick foam into pieces.  I didn't cut all of the pieces in this manner as I was worried that when I get to the sanding stage, or if someone ever leans on it, that the column pieces wouldn't have enough support. To alleviate this I cut a couple full-sized semi-circle pieces to sit in the centre of each column so that the pieces are supported better. You can see the traced outline of the pieces I haven't-yet cut in the foreground here and the semi-circle pieces sitting on top of the stacks:

Building the top of the archway. Just getting the rough shapes and placement of pieces for now...

Stacking everything up:

The columns and the top of the arch are not attached, but they are pretty sturdy once they're in place as they're cut to fit snugly up against the wall as well as fit exactly the space floor-to-ceiling.  I did this by holding the top piece in place while I glued the top semi-circles for the columns in place that will hold it up.

Final step for tonight, filling the remaining gaps with expanding insulation foam:

I have been wanting this for YEARS!! Can't wait until it's done Wink  Haha, unfortunately it completely covers the light switch, so I'm going to have to cut a space into one of the columns and re-do the wiring for a light switch inside the column, then replace the piece I cut out over top ... and make it hinged or something. Not sure how I'm going to do that, as I need to be able to get to the switch but I don't want it visible either. Tongue

Admiral Wrote:
Would it be sounder to cut into the wall itself and have an electrician move the light switch to keep it easily accessible?

Haha, nah! I do most of our electrical stuff anyway, but I want to be able to keep the switch where it is when ai take theiece down. I think mounting a switch and box inside the piece will work Wink

The dreams of Hashut being made into reality...


Based on this artwork by Baron Cimitiere

For the 4x4 lava room I want a heavy metal grate covering the lava pool and decided to go with a combination of a Chaos wheel and some unique Chaos Dwarf iconography, which is from the CD ship in Dreadfleet, and which I've used in a few projects previously:

After combining the two and resizing the template in Photoshop here's what it will look like

I decided I didn't like the "W" shapes in the edges, which are based on a similar grate idea in Warhammer Quest Shadows Over Hammerhal, so I changed them, perhaps unimaginatively to the symbol of Hashut. I tried a version that was rotated 45-degrees, so they're all facing inward, but it didn't look good. Here's the freehand drawing of the same idea directly onto the plastic.

Once the plastic starts getting trimmed away the pressure being applied to the plastic with each cut will cause it to warp, which you can't quite appreciate from this image

In order to regain some structural stability and flatten the piece back out I added some square bracing on the backside, as well as a central support that will ensure the plastic doesn't bow inward when a few heavy models are placed on it.

Here's what the bracing looks like (before I put on that central vertical support piece)

I also needed to trim out a border in the dungeon tile, and I roughed up the interior of the lava pool to make it look slightly eroded. For the trimming I held the plastic piece over the foam and traced the edge out with an X-acto blade to ensure I would get a snug fit.

Fitting the piece into the board

And another shot of how it sits. I could trim out the points on the star and cut the rim a little deeper so that the surface is flush with the foam, but I'm planning to put an equal thickness of tile on top of the foam, which will make the finished piece look flush.

Here's what it looks like so far, minus the central Chaos Dwarf head symbol in the centre, with a CD Warrior and a fragment of WHQ doorway just for scale

Going through all of my bitz I've amassed quite a pile of components that can be used for my Chaos Dwarf-themed dungeon tiles Wink

And speaking of doorways

After roughly trimming down the columns so they were close to the right size I covered the whole thing with plaster and will need to start sanding to smooth it out further. I'm guessing this is going to take another 1-2 applications of plaster before seams are hidden and things are looking relatively smooth.

I also managed to find a perfectly sized ring that can be primed and painted

Takes Hat off
Started on my Daemon Binding Dungeon Room:

Inspiration - Half of a Finecast Hellcannon. This was from a terrible casting, this half was unsalvageable for building a Hellcannon and had a lot of problems with the back and inside surfaces (pink rubber from the mold embedded in parts, miscasting along edges, etc). Waste not, want not Takes Hat off  

Wheels - The Finecast wheels are from the same miscast set. Half of the wheels had one side that looked presentable, so those will be the ones I use.  I also cast up my own resin copies of the large wheels to use.

Floor - I want the Daemon Binding room to look like something went terribly wrong. As my Chaos Dwarf dungeon boards are all going to be tiled I went with a shattered look, radiating out from a central point. As you will see later, the final inner pattern is slightly different... one of my kids knocked over the entire table that all the craft stuff was on, which included all of these carefully arranged tiles. dead It's like a puzzle, and after cleaning up 5-6 pieces were never found Mad

Body - Here's the start of building up the frame of the missing half

The Hellcannon is going to be slightly toppled over and resting on its side a little, so some of the reconstruction and Greenstuff won't be seen.

Checking the fitting of the wheels. You can see the bucked open banding from the body of the Hellcannon well in this pic. I'm still going to cover the surface with a thin layer of GS and give it a hammered look to match the original side.

Here's a better shot of the side that will be mostly down toward the table.  You can also see I've still got cleaning up to do on the grey plastic to the left.

Better view of the escaping fuel source for the ruined Hellcannon

And again, a better view of the side, showing the burst pipes. This was also the best pic I could get of the hammered look for the GS on the metal part of the body. Still lots of final bits of GS work needed to clean up edges, but it's getting very close.

Current state - Here's all of the bits for the Daemon Binding Dungeon Room. Once painted the Chaos star will be attached to the large wheel that's facing up.  I'm as-yet undecided if I'll use the furnace doors I made for the back - it's pretty crowded as-is.

Thar it be.
First two 4x4 Dungeon Rooms ready to paint:

Starting work on the Slave Pit (Fighting Pit), which requires a slave-operated treadmill crane:

And the final steps for my Warhammer Quest doorway:

Some final sanding and smoothing.

Checking placement of the new light switch receptacle.

I cut a recessed space into the backing to put in a 2x4 block of wood with a space chiseled out for the wiring to feed through and to also give me something solid to screw the metal receptacle housing into.

Carving some final details onto the archway and masking off the areas I don't want to spray with the stone-look textured spray can.

The final textured look for the archway.

I drew the lines for the horns onto the foam and traced them all the way around. Then as I cut pieces off to approximate the desired curvature I re-traced the lines I had just cut away to maintain the pattern.

Shaping up.

Checking the fit and some final trimming along the seams with the skull. Not shown here is how I made the grooves in the horns. I heated up my soldering iron and used the heated tip to melt a smooth groove into the foam. This is the same technique I used to outline the stone pieces that you can see along the back edges of the columns.

Paint/primer mix. The kids had a great time painting these up with me.

Installing the receptacle and making sure it's a good fit. The centre line sits just flush with the column. Not shown is shutting off the breaker panel, opening up the light switch, extending the wires out farther with some twist caps and re-wiring.

Wohoo!! The finished piece.

Surprisingly the kids aren't weirded out by it Wink

The ring was from a dog chew toy at the pet store. Size was perfect and now that it's been filed down and painted it looks great.

Finally, the light switch got a cover just to hide everything. It still needs some additional hand-painting to highlight the edges.

All in all, a success I think Takes Hat off
Further Designing the Slave Pit Objective Room

Here's some of the inspiration for the treadmill crane, based on medieval designs. I wanted something slave-powered as opposed to taking shortcuts with just a hand crank wheel or making it even less mechanical and going with ropes or a ladder.

This was version 2. The initial design used a circular wheel, but it was not possible to get it circular enough, so I decided to abandon the wheel and went with a 10-sided wheel instead.

The axle of the treadmill wheel is connected to the winch. The winch is built from two Minotaur shields, carved down so there is just the wood and metal bracing remaining.

Alignment of the components and wheels.

Designing the base

Checking fitting for the rotating shaft

Fitting the design with the sleeve for the rotating shaft

Designing the base for the rotating shaft (large circular base is needed for added stability)

View from the underside

Once the hook and metal chain are added the crane is pretty front-heavy so some counter weight is needed. I want a stone look for the counter weight, but the foam isn't heavy enough, so I used some tin/lead solder and packed a hollowed-out stone block.

Before and after the counter weight

A Black Orc slave for scale.

Placement of the crane on the Slave Pit board section.

View 2

Designing the Slave Post Dungeon Room


Glad you guys are enjoying the dungeon designs Wink  It's a nice way to spend a quiet evening these days!

4x4 Dungeon Rooms
Nothing like taking something that's nearly done and cutting into it without a solid plan for how it's all going to work... *cringe*

Hidden lighting installed

Paining up some lava effects

A little additional colour for the cracks, highlighting the hotter areas with yellow and white

Success! This one is not quite done, but it's about 90% there now!!

This board is far from done, but I'm happy with now the cracked floor turned out.

I was sure at a couple of points that I was going to totally mess up both of the dungeon rooms last night, but they've turned out pretty well so far!!

Takes Hat off
Here's the latest update on the progress.... a couple more painted and clear-coated, the rest are work in progress shorts (some very rough WIP)

The Heat Below 4x4 Dungeon Room

Daemon Binding Dungeon Room

Slave Pit (still a work in progress)

Temple of Hashut

And a close-up on the Hashut model/statue:

As-yet unnamed...

Tomb Chamber

Cutting spacings for the T-junction motif into each tile

The final piece include a full-sized T-junction base, with the cut tiles glued on top, then the motif glued into the space.

Finishing off the T-junction

Adding spikes to the corners of the Slave Pit

Working on some lesser daemons made in Hashut's image, based on the Daemon Prince model, with a Minotaur head and then some custom weapons. Oh, and I've since shaved off those 40K tubes on the daemon prince's left arm

Adding hooves and some detail to their loin cloth pieces

A detail piece I wanted a bunch of my tiles to have, but that I hadn't actually implemented yet, is a small 1x1 grating that lets you see a small hint at the otherwise hidden inner workings in the Chaos Dwarf realm... I'll be adding a few more of these I think.

Close up of the grate and a trapped slave within

And lastly, priming the corridor piece and starting in on the corner piece

Coming along slowly. I realize I've done all of the easy tiles and have put the complicated Objective room ones off for the end.

Obsidian Corridor

Fractured Passage

The biggest thing slowing me down on this project is that I don't have a vision for what I want the Daemonic Forge Objective Room to look like. I have a bunch of different elements I know I want to go into it, but the forge itself I'm lost on...

While this thread started off in the Off-Topic Showcase, it's becoming decidedly more "on-topic" of late with all of this Warhammer Quest stuff!

New 4x10 Objective Room

I decided to re-purpose the entrance to my temple of Hashut for WHQ instead.  I also decided that the Temple needed a statue of Hashut guarding the entrance.  I used the 4x8 Idol Chamber from WHQ as the main layout for the piece, leading to the temple entrance.

I decided after this that the lead-up to the entrance wasn't grand enough and that it needed something more.

I added some steps up to the entrance, worn in one area from a siege on the Temple long ago, an event not spoken of by the Dawi Zharr who inhabit this area of the Underway.

I didn't like the dwarf head I was initially going with for the main floor so I took inspiration from the skull piece I made for the Temple entrance and enlarged it.

I also realized that the Hashut model was going to be too heavy and unsteady if it got bumped and putting pins down into the foam wasn't going to hold it, so I cut a block of MDF and secured the model to it and then cut out the space for the MDF in the foam. This will all be hidden by floor tiles later.

After cutting out the main shape and adding the eyebrow ridges I scored a sheet of plastic for the main floor tiles, but before snapping them out I cut out a slightly enlarged space for the skull tile piece to go into.

Priming with black paint and checking the fit of the floor tiles before snapping them out (it was a little extra work to line up the holes for the model to get pinned down into the underlying MDF, but only took about 5 minutes to get it right).

After snapping out all of the tiles I spent a night cutting edges into all of them to give them a broken slate sort of look to them. Then I primed them and secured them down in their proper arrangement using double-sided tape.  After this I laid down a coat of gold using the airbrush (first time I had it out in about 4 years!!)

The tiles still need highlighting along the edges, but they're looking pretty good. I also put some red lava under the central skull tile and will add some highlighting later on with orange and yellow in the gaps.  

I also built up a little more around the edges of the metal plate for the Temple entrance as I decided I didn't like the smooth straight lines all the way around for it.

Still a bit more modeling work to do on Hashut's beard as well as the pyre in front of him. The LED lights up and the battery supply fits under the floor out of sight. I'm thinking the pyre needs some skulls, maybe a flailing body, and some big curved spikes coming up from around the rim!

That's all for now... this one has been taking me a while just to get this far!
Not quite a year since my last update to the thread. Oh my. Working 80+ hours a week is really eating into any spare time though and when I do have time I usually pass out.  At least I have this dungeon tile finished finally (the large statue representation of Hashut isn't done yet though).

4x10 Objective Room - Temple of Hashut Entrance

I felt like the floor was a bit flat before so I did a bit more shading and then I hit the carved edges with a sharp highlight... plus some lava behind the floor symbol.

I wanted the temple entrance door to be more weathered and grimy from lots of ash-covered gloved hands touching it over the long years it has stood.

.. NOW ... the main thing that has been holding me up with this project besides the all-encompassing work distractions is that I had no vision for the Objective Room that I wanted to be the new Daemonsmith's Forge.

I have been searching off and on for over a year for inspiration and nothing really clicked until I found two pieces of art:

Credit: Herve Groussin aka Nuro (Senior Concept Artist at UBIsoft - Prince of Persia)


Credit: posted by BinaryReflex (touched-up screen shot from The Fighters Guild Quest in Elder Scrolls Online)

So the parts I'm interested in are the slightly elevated platforms in the first image and the areas where they intersect, and in the second image it's the forge itself and the pipes and conduits leading upward that meet with the rock above - has a nice symmetry between the rock above and the forge below.  I'm still not decided on the look of the forge itself, but this has all the elements I'd want so I may stick with it.  

The Daemonsmith's Forge will be a 5x8 tile, so 1 row wider than the usual Objective Rooms, but some of the floor will be blocked by lava and rock, although there will be elevation gain for models to spread out nicely and I may allow some of the elevated areas to spill outside the footprint of the 5x8 area.  We'll see.

5x8 Objective Room - Daemonsmith's Forge

Testing a general layout for the forge. Very rough, but the placement seems like it'll work. I've also got a few extra billows of "smoke" from a while back and I'm expecting this will go on at some point toward the end.

Testing out some foam carving based on some of the nice artwork we have access to. I did a line drawing over the original image in Power Point and then scaled the whole image to the size I wanted and printed out the line drawing so I had something to start cutting.

A little farther along, building up some of the detail inside. I chose not to do too many levels and kept it fairly flat, just going with outlines for the detail.

Testing out the placement for the carving and also the layout of the forge based on the artwork in my above post.

Having decided I liked the general form and layout I put a few more pieces on here and there to get an idea if I sill like where some of this is going (note, the other line drawings aren't where they'll be, there for reference).

Looking straight down from the top to the floor area of the forge (not visible from the "front" view).

Second carving

Making some progress on the forge area. Note - the forge is BIG, it's large enough for 6 CDs to fit inside.

Checking layout for some taurus heads.

Trying to figure out how many levels and step segments I will need to get up to the height of the forge (it's steeper than I'd like). Also added a bit of extra carving to the backside of the forge.

Pretty rough layout of the taurus head carvings and testing out a piece for the inside of the forge.

Getting ready to go on vacation for 2 weeks... it'll be good to have a break. Although I've only worked on this for a short time over a few nights taking a break will give me time to think about how to improve the look and bring the parts together without rushing - as it could easily go toward a look I don't want.
Just a bit of catch-up on the fits and starts of progress (there's a reason my main blog is the "Forge of Unfinished Business"):

Copying the grid pattern from the base up the 3D piece is a real pain. I decided portions of the stairs should really following their own pattern side-to-side, but from the front of the board to the back the spacing should follow the grid.

Once I worked my way to the back of the board where the forge and the highest levels are they mostly follow the underlying grid exactly.  Unfortunately the central forge area can only accommodate a 1x4 tile section as it's very crowded with the pipes, etc... but I'll address this somewhat later on.

More checking placement of grid positions and were spots for models will go.

That middle area of the 1x4 section is very close to having space for a 2x2 spot in front of the forge.. and that clear conduit was just going to get primed and painted, but I'm thinking it'd be a shame to waste a nice clear piece like that!

The final mess after getting that Chaos Star cleared out

Now for the lava pit - I wanted there to be some interesting texture, but I also wanted the central area to be slightly cooler. I ended up cutting the bottom out of the piece I cut for the taurus' head. I then sprayed a little matte finish on the middle of the piece followed by spray primer on the rest. The matte finish is slightly protective whereas the primer eats away at the foam, making a shrunken look.

You can see the cut marks from when I initially carved the shape out (not thinking I'd be using it). I also cut a larger piece of plastic to go under the board, slightly recessed so that it doesn't stick out. I added a bead of hot glue around the whole plastic piece and stuck it to the bottom, then attached the lava pit piece. Because it's sealed up with hot glue I was able to start filling in the edges of the lava pit (where the gaps are due to shrinkage) with PVA glue and Woodland Scenics Water Effects.  I build it up slowly in stages, this is the first pass filling in.

The smaller forge for the lower level is starting to take shape.

Making a piece for the trapped souls and spirits that power the forge Wink

This got built up slowly and I was constantly checking to make sure the clear cylinder would still fit.

Checking how it looks in place.

After two more coats of PVA glue and Water Effects I built it up to what I think will be the final application. When it dries it'll be a little different.

And in case you're wondering, yes, you can deconstruct a HeroQuest Chaos Warrior fairly easily.  Now, what could I be doing with this guy!?! dead

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