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Full Version: Warhammer Quest and dreams of Hashut
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After thinking about it and re-assessing I've realized that with the height I want the approaches are going to be too steep on the sides to be playable, so I need to increase the size of the board section. Looking at the old size now I feel like it's obvious that it was too small:

In the mean time I made some adjustments and got a start on the pipes and conduits:

I decided that I wanted to base the 'base' of the rock and stone on a taurus (although with horns curved down just to save on space)

And after some testing I've settled on a 7x10 board:

Testing out the general fit (after some hacking of the previous piece), so far so good.

Building up the horns in preparation for steps

A rough view of how it's going to look with some of the pieces assembled.

And with the top rock piece in it's general position above the main forge. You can see one of the other carvings that's been installed on the right horn (to the left) and on the left (to the right in the image) there's a bit of a base set into the horn to accommodate some steps and the smaller forge within an alcove.

I also like that there's more floor space on the main level of the board to allow lots of models to fit on and get some good action going. Once the stairs are started that's going to help open up additional space for models as well.

The pipes are from the 40K terrain set called Thermic Plasma Conduits. I didn't use all of the bits, as some of them are supposed to be glowing coils that I didn't think were suitable.

Although they're not shown I've also got some of the conduit pieces from the 40K terrain set Sector Mechanicum Alchomite Stack as well, but again, I've been picking and choosing carefully to avoid anything that's too futuristic looking... in some cases it's just a matter of cutting parts off that don't fit the look I want or shaving surfaces down to remove unwanted surface details.

7x10 Objective Room - Daemonsmith's Forge

After a lot of measuring and checking I blocked out all of the spacing and heights needed so that each step is approximately the same height, all the way up to the main forge.

This is still with all of the rough-cut pieces in place, several of which are much larger than needed. Now that the steps are in I can start trimming.

Carving away pieces from the edges and overhangs.

Trimming away the carved column piece for a more natural/aged look.

View from the opposite side (can see the small stairs up to the smaller forge area). You can see as well in this image and the last one that I've been trying to keep track of the approximate position of the grid pattern of the base. A little hard to do, but it only needs to be approximate for the stair sections.

Re-fitted with the central piece - All of the major trimming done and re-checking the fit and look... I think this view will be the best to show off the taurus.

Re-fitted with the central piece - View from the top

Re-fitted with the central piece - side

Re-fitted with the central piece - side. You can see at the top that there's still a big jump from the top of the stair section to the level with the forge. The plan is to model some metal stairs connecting these two sections, bolted into the central section with the main forge for support. Takes Hat off

Not like either of those would stop me from posting!

Before I get back to the Daemonsmith's Forge, here's one/two of the new sections I sketched up while on vacation:

~6x6 Descent into Madness / ~6x6 The Crossway
This is two 6x6 board sections that have a central 4x4 section with adjoining pieces for connecting doorways. The Crossway can be used as a 4-way junction, or the stairs can be placed on top, in which case there are a total of 6 possible entrance/exits at different heights.

Here it is with the stairs placed on.

This one took a fair bit of work to make sure most models could fit on each of the various levels, and required some special reinforcement so that the top level could support the weight of large older metal models.

And here's the current progress on the Daemonsmith's Forge:

I'll be sure to post a more detailed guide to these in the next day or so Takes Hat off
All joking references to desperate pleas for attention/posts aside, we all know I'd be posting regardless of the responses Wink

Admiral Wrote:
As a fan of Daemonsmiths this scenery piece is extra thrilling to my eyes. Any plans to make some kind of soulfurnace with heat-roaring open maw? How about a cracked and chained anvil? Daemon-possessed, probably, and being a demented working bench also representing the forsaken pre-Hashut ancestry of the Dawi Zharr. A pool of bubbling lava or molten metal, perhaps with Daemonic faces forming in its surface?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Or maybe another yes. Anyway - "YES". The cut out section of the base will be filled with lava, and I'm planning to have a central outcrop of rock with a cracked anvil on it, surrounded by swirling daemons and bound spirits. The main face on the upper level is the furnace and the open maw is going to have flames and skulls, etc in it. There's also going to be an anvil and working area on that upper level too, as well as a smaller secondary oen off to the right of the lower lava pool.

boyfights Wrote:
Warhammer Quest was one of the few GW games I never got a chance to try but always really wanted to

I had HeroQuest and all of the expansions for it, but I was a young teen at the time and money wasn't easy to come by at that age. I also lived on a relatively small island with a smal population and no gaming stores of any kind. If HQ hadn't gone main stream I'd have never gotten into the hobby. But I digress. I remember seeing Warhammer Quest at one of the Maritime "Wilkey's" game and hobby stores in Halifax and was totally amazed, it was HQ on steroids, but the price tag was so far beyond anything I could afford I had to put it back. I picked up a few parital sets on eBay here and there starting about 15 years ago and now have 2-3 full sets. You can get pdfs of the rules easily enough and I highly recommend the "classic" WHQ Roleplay rules that came with the game. It was roleplay light, but allowed you to level up, spend your money on new gear, etc. It's damned hard at low levels and we've had many new parties get wiped on their first foray, but that adds to the appeal if you're expecting that I think. Once you get a few magic items and some armour you're in better shape to at least be able to survive fleeing the dungeon if things go bad Wink


7x10 Daemonsmith's Forge

Checking the placement of the upper rock formation and conduit pieces before cutting

I decided not to bother using full pieces of conduit for the pipe that wraps around the forge, and therefore only used one side. This required blocking off and hiding connections and gaps with random pieces of foam.

Roughly how the connection beteewn the forge and the rock formation smokestack is going to look... I'm not sure I'm happy with it, but it's maybe good enough for now.

Blocking off more sections on the backside of the base to hide gaps in the foam and fill-out the shape.

View of the front after carving some of the in-fill pieces to help with transitions.

A little more in-fill and carving (not as obvious, but at least you can't see gaps anymore)

Starting to carve around the forge. It's still looking very rough, but it's a start.

As these conduit pieces are from 40K terrain there's a few spots that some of the subtle too-futuristic-for-fantasy details I felt needed to be trimmed away. On pieces like this I trim away the grill and light fixture as well as the raised bit above it that has a symbol on it.

The bottom of this large piece was open, for connecting more pieces to, and the round cover I used had a 40K faction symbol on it (Mechanicus I think?). I put on a good helping on dichloromethane and brushed it to smooth out details then put some foam scaps on and added more dichloromethane. The solvent immediately liquifies the foam and it kinks into the recessed details. I also carved a few other pieces off this one already on one of the tanks mounted higher up.

As the central piece is supposed to be part of a smokestack I felt I needed more than one. I cut down some clear plastic tubing (used for canes for cryo storage) and made an extra smokestack as well as a top for the large one.

Working farther up the smokestake formation I used the same tricks as before by using foam to hide the ends of conduits and missing details.

I also felt like the rock formation overall was too columnar so I started bulking out to the top to give a nice contrast with the lower part of the forge.

So here we are after some building-up with more foam and then carving away.

It's getting there, but I think the top needs more of a "W" shape to the top

View from the top

And the front

Descent into Madness / Crossway

So this is where the whole thing started, two 6x6 tiles, with a central circular section that accounted for the inner 4x4 area on each.

I also tested out the general shape by blocking off areas of the tile with the basic shape the spiral staircase was going to have (balance was a big issue as the top piece is only supported by a small area.

Checking out the general fit of the Warhammer Quest Stairs and Doorway placement - seems like the fist of the upper exits will work.

After some hot wire trimming:

I realized after checking the fit and placement that the upper section was going to block the approach from the stairway too much, so I reduced the size of the upper area considerably. I decided to go with this size instead of a) blocking the stairs with a large board section, or b) altering the overall shape of the upper section to try and increase the number of usable tiles.

Even with the top section being smaller it's still only supported from one corner and is not very strong. One heavy metal model on that top section with break it so I needed to build in some reinforcement.

I hollowed out about half of the upper section and inserted a piece of hardboard

Ripped through a little of the backside/underside, but that can be hidden later.

I decided to use 3 pieces for support that will form a "U" shape. Under the top platform is a longer piece of hardboard at a right-angle that will extend out into the adjacent stairway piece, and below that piece is another long piece of board, again at a right angle, that will sit under the platform where one of the doorway segments is located. The plan is to drive two screws up into the top piece, and then drive 2-3 screws down into the side piece.

I was smart with these two piece and flush-cut the board pieces into the bottom.

The boards are 1/4" thick, which works out very well for making stairs, as the rise of each step ~1/4" and I was able to trim the bottom step just a few mm taller than needed to avoid exposing the board underneath.

You'd never know it's in there, but it's damn solid now!

After putting the pieces together you can see some of the screw holes from above...

... and below.

Glued, screwed and assembled

I also tapered the underside of the upper level a little extra to help with clearance on the approaching stairs.

Relief!!! Everything lines up!!

A Descent Into Madness indeed

And a final check to show the lower level can still accommodate a doorway, even under the support area. Now that I have a few different heights I've got even more reason to build more Dawi Underway arches to use as supports Takes Hat off

I'm not going to attach the stairs to the base as I like the option of having the 4-way intersection as a separate piece and in all honesty, I'm too lazy to make an extra 4-way segment just for the sake of having it.

And finally - I realized that with the scale of the Daemonsmith's Forge piece, the old Warhammer Quest Doorways were just too small and insignificant and the piece really demanded a grander entryway. I've been putting off making any more Chaos Dwarf-themed Doorways for a while (not sure why) but I thought making a big one would be the best start

Objective Room Doorway
The normal WHQ doorways are 2 tiles wide, although I oversized my tiles relative to be base game by +50%, so the WHQ doorways don't look out of scale, but for large board sections they look "modest" shall we say. For an epic-scale Objective Room like the Daemonsmith's Forge I need something more grand.

This will be somewhere between 4-6 tiles wide, so quite a bit bigger than normal.

Carving the doorways

The doors are also rounded to allow them to swing past each other without catching.

Close enough. Now I just have to indent the rest of the lines. Even with small mistakes in the lines, those sins can be hidden at the painting stage Wink

I've been saving bitz for over a year with the idea of a doorway in mind, and now I have a suitable project where I can put them to use!

Doorway front.

Doorway backside.

Carving out the taurus and horns for above the doorway.

Still so much to do!

A little more progress...

The doorway needs a 1" support underneath to hold it up at the correct height of my WHQ board sections, but I didn't want it to permanently sit at that height as I want the option of sitting it flat on a table if needed.

I decided to take the opportunity to add some weight to the base with a scrap of maple I had in the shop.  I also added some pegs in the base that go up into the doorway section to hold it steady.

Working on the vertical smokestack/column pieces. Here's one.  These half-sections of conduit don't sit flush with the surface. To get them to sit flat without cutting to the foam I glued all the half-segments and then sanded the backing on a belt sander to get them nice and flat.

And the other. I had to cut into the doorway for this one to accommodate the larger round opening for the top.

Here's how it'll sit when used in WHQ.

Doors are reversed, but they open, even with the non-standard shape.

Carving up some Chaos Dwarf heads.

Here's the opposite side of the doorway, with the torches in place.

Close-up of one of the carved heads.

I also decided to replace the floor design for the Daemonsmith's Forge as well, but still have to carve out the floor so it sits level with the floor.

The glacial pace continues.
Misc Forgeworks stuff
I decided to go back to the well of inspiration and borrow some ideas from my old and much smaller Daemonsmith Forge - from ACXI, the CD-themed Arcane Fulcrum, way back in 2011. Here's the thread on that: ACXI Arcane Fulcrum

I had my Daemonsmith working from designs of an existing suit of armour, but at the time I just used as HQ Chaos Warrior as-is:

Incidentally, that CW suit of armour and my NanoQuest board from a day ago were both pictured together when I first put plans together for NanoQuest, photographed on Oct 17, 2011 dead

The new forge will have a better reference suit of Chaos Warrior armour. Here's a view of the back after removing the arms, weapon and helmet. Pretty good shape.

The hands are slightly different, one is a glove the other is a mitt (in case you never noticed) so they're not identical, but close enough.
I adjusted the angle of the legs and arms, which requierd removing the elbow joints. The rest will get cleaned up with GS.

Slightly different angle.

Main Forge
Going back to the main forge, it'll need some serious goings-on within if it's going to be fitting for the piece so I put a bunch of the pieces back and stuffed some bitz inside to see how they look.

I used some daemon and Chaos Space Marine arms for a bound deamon writhing in agony, and wanted flames and skulls inside.
Being a cheap-o I went with a left-over piece from a Bloodthirster kit I've had for a year or two. It's a piece for the base that had nice skulls and flames. As it was double-sided and the forge only has one viewing side I cheaped out further and cut the skulls from the back off and used them on the front too Takes Hat off

Here's what that piece looks like from the original kit:

The inside part of the forge is from a 40K terrain set. Again, I'm only in need of one side, but I wanted the matching bolt so I had to improvise a little.

Here's the framework put together. I ended up cutting a paper tempalte for the inside of the forge so that I didn't have to keep working inside to make sure things fit. The chains are supposed to be ensorcelled chains that are keeping the daemon bound within the infernal forge.

Final check and some additional bling for the forge from a 40K tyranid kit... there will be more flames and more skills and probably some bodies and spirits trying to escape, but it's a start.

Forge base
Testing out some ideas for the lava pit...

The lava inlet pipe in its final palce.

Working up the grid from the base is tough, but after getting everything mapped out I wasn't happy with the number of tiles around the main forge. Only 1x4 is to small.

Test fit with some tiles for a central 2x2 area.

Looks like it should work, but there's too much overhang.

In the end up added some space to the outer edge of the upper area. It's breaking my rules of keeping pieces within the footprint of the base of the piece, but I think I can get away with it here since there's never going to be a doorway or other board sections directly underneath.

The Lift
I also had a lift build for ACXI that I quite liked how it worked.

And I had some levers made up for operating it.

I decided there needed to be a way to get things from the lower forge to the upper forge and a lift was the way to do it!

Starting materials for the new lift control levers.

First one done and looking cooler than the original.

Hacking away at the side of the main forge to accommodate some of the lift mechanism parts.

As I need the chains for the lift to hang down I need there to be a little bit of overhang, hence the angled upper piece. The blue markings are for centering the various mechanism parts.

Cut the spaces for the exposed chain wheels and checking approximate placement for where the chains will hang from so that they will clear the chain wheels. It puts the bottom of the lift partly on the lower stairs, but I can live with that.

Happy with the height for the chain outlets I put some holes in for pinning:

I took extra care to make sure the chains, outlets, and wheels would all be in-line.

I wanted to have some light sources to highlight the central area of the board where fighting will be happening and also to draw the eye to the mural and lava pool. I made a template for a support arm and cut out duplicate parts.  I decided I didn't like them coming straight out of the wall to I cut an angle on one side and added the clipped piece back on to the opposite side of the support arm to help complete the angle.

In position. Not too shabby. They'll get filled out with GS later on.


And finally:

The madness without begins to reflect the madness within!! Hashut!

tjub Wrote:
Wow, didn't realize it was that huge! Amazing, but how do you store all of your creations!?

Our place that we bought about 2 years ago gave me a chance to significantly upgrade my hobby space. Having the walk-in board game cellar really helped free up space in the gaming & hobby room. My current room for this stuff is 4-5 times the size of the one I had in our old place and I've since upgraded with some extra display storage:

That larger green display cabinet has adjustable shelves so I can easily accommodate the Daemonsmith's Forge I think, just barely anyway, although the smoke plumes will be removable so that will help for sure!

No shots of the floor as it's clean-up weekend here and I've got things spread out and getting organized into parts organizers/tool boxes dead

Working on some additional pipes for the top piece. I use Evergreen plastic tubing and heat it up with an embossing heat gun. The trick is to hold the tubing maybe an inch or so away from the gun and roll the tube around so that it gets evenly heated, while applying a little bending force at each end so that when it gets soft you can see it right away and remove it from the heat.  The bigger the tube the harder it is to get clean bends (see the right side of the lower piece).

After bending a bunch of these and cutting them into sections to see where they fit I decided I needed a couple of more interesting looking ones. I decided this pipe should carry some smaller pipes along with it. I started by welding these on to the side with dichloromethane and using the heat gun again to guide the smaller tubes into place.

Here's what the big one looks line fitted into place. I added some braces part way up the larger pipe and will later add rivets and patches, etc.

Rotated around (one of the pipes is a bit loose but this'll be hidden once everything is primed and glued into place).

The smaller Daemon Forge needed to get some attention. After building it up and checking for scale (this is still fairly big for a forge, but the Chaos Dwarfs are not known for subtlety). After checking the fit I realized the forge would need to sit at an angle to the back wall and left an awkward space. After cutting a spacer to fit and roughing it up I checked the fit again - good to go!

Adding some bodies and spirits to the inside of the forge.

The lower lava pit also needed some building up. The plan is to have the souls being sucked out from the remains of bodies cast into the lava... so this was a good enough start for now.

I also need a bed of skulls for the larger forge so I made a mould from a floor section of the Chaos Dreadhold and cast up some pieces.

And finally, working on the weapon rack that will go next to the main Daemonic Forge.  I decided I wanted curved bars instead of the usual straight ones.. partly to be different and partly to fit the layout of the upper level and minimize the impact on the space for models. To get the curvature right I used a metal paint can and heated up the plastic tubes until I got the parts I needed.  I used the old HQ Weapons Rack as a reference for overall size and height. I bulked up the feet so the piece would be more substantial and used smaller pieces of rod to insert into the legs of the rack to give some added stability.

Nice work Abecedar!! Prefect!! You've got an entrance, now you need the rest of the dungeon Wink
As with the continuation of the project my off-topic Warhammer Quest blog is decidedly on-topic!

Lava pit
3 bodies in the lava pit having their souls sucked out wasn't anywhere near enough so I made a few more sacrifices

Here's all of them so far. I'm planning on a few more skulls, etc in here afterward.

Dawi Zharr Weapon Rack
Here's the frame of the weapon rack, the suit of Chaos Armour and the various bitz I assembled for the build

part way through I started thinking that maybe it was getting too far out of scale so I wanted to check with some models... actually, out-of-scale for Chaos Dwarfs shouldn't be a thing anyway, but it was good to check.

Finished weapon rack... which puts the old HeroQuest one to shame and is much more fitting for a Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith!! Takes Hat off

Checking the fit at the forge

Another angle. Although, I shouldn't be surprised at the fit....

I traced the template from the forge itself and then matched the curvature of the rack to the template a few days before Wink

After taking a break to work on my Daemonsmith and the HeroQuest shadow box I'm back at the forge, so to speak:

Going back to my original sketches I wanted an anvil as well as some kind of bench/machine that is used to infuse daemonic energies into new creations. After creating some basic shapes of things and checking their placement with the weapon rack this is what it looks like around the forge:

I decided I wanted a large cracked anvil to work from so I went back to my old Daemonsmith's anvil I made for an AC contest ages ago and used that basic shape, but added some extra details. The rest will get filled in with GS.

The infusion machine has an odd shape as it has a pipe that wends its way down the rock in behind.  Makes it darn hard to work on, although the pipe made for a useful handle at a few stages Wink

You can see the old anvil in the background. The infusion bench is coming along... Oh, and I have these 1.5"x1.5"x2.75" blocks of maple I made for fastening minis onto so that they're easier to hold while painting. Here they're just useful to make space for that pipe.

Finished - The Infuser also makes damn good pumpkin spice lattes for those long sessions at the forge. It uses a combination of warpstone and daemonic essence that's piped in from the main forge. There's a floating ball of electricity held between two rounded plates (smoothed down Dwarf bucklers) and an evil-looking control lever. It's also got several out-flow pipes that go back under the floor.  

A closeup of the bench itself, with the warpstone and control lever. BTW, those grey pipes going into the floor are actually bits of resin sprue from Forge World repurposed Wink

Here it is at home at the forge. I also designed the part with the green coil based on the paired condenser coils that are on the back of the Hellcannon.

Takes Hat off
Still working on the forge...

A little work on the bound daemon that will be held within the forge, surrounded by flames and skulls.

Filled in the cracked anvil with GS. I also added a couple of braces so that it looks like there has been an attempt to hold the anvil together. I also fixed that crooked tusk in the upper image after the pic was taken Wink

I don't do a lot of GS work because I usually have to use CA glue at some point in the process to attach things. This also makes me tend to avoid GS work at all these days as it's a huge hassle... most of you that have been around for a while know I've got an acquired hyper-sensitivity to CA, started about 11 years ago and has only amplified over time.

Worst event was about 9-10 years ago late at night when I hadn't used CA glue in about a year and didn't know it had gotten much more severe. After about 30 minutes I had trouble breathing. Within about 5-10 minutes my throat had started to close over and I collapsed on the basement floor. So ya, Major f***-ing hassle.

This also means when I do get geared up and bite the bullet to get out the respirator (can't do it when I have a beard as too much CA glue seeps in) I have to work through my backlong of things.

Some modified wheels for the lift (again, drawing lots of design style and inspiration from my ACXI entry).

So far that ACXI terrain piece has contributed to: anvil, daemonic weapon design, lift design, miniature dice, suit of armour, and a few different architectural designs.

The forge area is also getting crowded, despite already expanding the floor area once.

So I made what I hope is the final expansion with some scraps of foam

And after a little trimming.

Now it's a much better fit and there's just that little bit more room in the central area for models during play.

I’m really glad you all are enjoying the updates, and hopefully they’ll serve as inspiration for other’s creations as well.  Having been largely away from the hobby for the last couple of years I’ve had lots of time to look at my past creations and give lots of thought to larger projects that I would like to do. Definitely a lot of my older stuff suffered from the desire/necessity to cut corners and just get a piece finished. There’s a balance in there somewhere, but I decided if I was going to start making things again that I’d go more slowly and work on better builds, conversions and painting than I’d had before. While I haven’t done a lot of painting over the years I’m at least well positioned with all my unpainted models to practice!!  Takes Hat off

I’ve still be working on the forge for the last few nights but it’s now getting down to the fiddly bits that I knew were going to take up more time... like those damned sconces that I want to have over the lava pit. Why did I have to go with the design I chose?!? Way too tedious.  

I’m also struggling with the last couple of stair segments that go up to the main forge as I wanted these to be constructed pieces as opposed to cut out of foam.

We’re at the stage here now where the only things left to do are:
*One set of stairs that take up 1 tile or less and transition ~1” in height
*Lift platform & upper and lower gantry
*rail lines for the mining cart
*mining cart (based on my cart design I’ve used for ACXI as well as Gharzakh Goldgreed’s Ensorcelled Dawi Skruff Slaves
*lava touch-ups to blend in the surface irregularities
*extra skulls around the base of the bound daemon within the forge
*plaster & sanding
*wash and sealant
*prime parts & assemble
*final foam and plaster touch-ups around assembled plastic parts
*painting everything!!!

So like I say... nearly there!!
I've been thinking about including a mining cart in the project for a while and there's a nice nook that it seems like it would fit into nicely. So after considering it for over a month I finally decided to put it in.

I cut out a rectangle of foam, then applied the template shape for the tunnel opening to get the piece cut just right. After cutting the opening, so that only the angled section of the roof remains I glued it back in place. A bit of plaster and you'll never know it was cut separately.

I use a lot of paper templates (i.e. top left corner below and in the tunnel piece above). They're easy to quickly modify and I can add slips of paper back on with some tape if the size isn't exact, and then use that template to cut exactly the size of plastic I need.

With a bit of struggling I got the wall sconces built finally... lots of fiddly template pieces and I used corner angle pieces to hide the seams.

So now for the stairs that transition from the rock staircases up to the main forge - I've been avoiding these until the end as I'm starting this part already not sure I'm going to be happy with what I come up with.

I'm starting with the easier side, not quite done but it's a start to get the right shape. Next step (haha) will be to add more "Chaos" features

The harder side has a steeper transition and slightly less space at the level of the forge so I've got to get creative - which I'm really now feeling. After trying a bunch of shapes and templates I decided on a spiral staircase (ugh, not feeling this one at all)!

I started out with some bitz from a Daemon Prince, and Minotaur hands and head, as this portion is going to be a statue supporting the stairs.

Here's part way through showing the spiral staircase and rightly how the shape is going to come together. The top level platform for the stairs had to be cut to meet with the foam, which was tough as it's irregularly curved.  The spiral direction also needed to change part way down to meet back up with a spot models could approach from.

I needed something to decorate the top of the central post that the statue is holding, so I took a page from the army standard bearer's book and made an oversized standard to fill out the space (made from a toothpaste tube).

And here it is in place and assembled, along with the railings to match the other staircase.

Slightly different angle, showing off the face. He still needs some GS to hide some sins and to give him and the face on the standard some beard curls. Luckily he's a statue so he doesn't need to look like he's living.

Where did we leave off? Ah yes, stairs and railings...

I closed in the smaller set of stairs, and then added some additional supports for the railings on the outside.

And then I used the same railing supports for the larger spiral stairs...

but opted to leave the stairs open and not closed in, although if they need more support for holding up models I'll probably have to hide the sins by closing it in as well Takes Hat off

Here's somebody that snuck his way into the post. He's for a campaign I'm working on - A black orc leader who is in charge of a group of marauding ogres. His unnatural size and chaos powers are derived from the pilfered chaos coronet that he wears... and to stop would-be hero-types from taking it he took the precaution of bolting it to his skull. dead

Parchments for the design drawings and plans kept at the forge, stamped with the seals of approval by the various guilds.

Here's the start of one of the mine carts

The cart on the left is from ACXI and served as my design template for the new one, although I modified the hook so that I can now make multiple copies and attach them to each other.

Now for covering up the gaps and imperfections. I also made sure I wiped down the Sharpie with rubbing alcohol first... having the Sharpie sit on the foam for a couple of months means not much is going to come off at this stage, sadly.  All the more season to cover it up with plaster and then a final coat or two of Pepto Bismol at the end before painting!

It's only the second pass so it's only going to look worse before it looks better! Haha

All of the various parts for the project besides the dungeon room itself (minus a couple of pipes). Oh my. This IS going to take a while... I'm going to need some small projects after this one!

A small update on the to-do list... I crossed a few things out, but added a few as well Tongue
*two sets of stairs
*Lift platform upper and lower gantry (decided gantry isn't needed)
*rail lines for the mining cart
*parchment plans
*mining cart
*lava touch-ups to blend in the surface irregularities
*extra skulls around the base of the bound daemon within the forge
*plaster & sanding underway
*wash and sealant
*prime parts, assemble, finalize wiring placement and elec. testing
*final foam and plaster touch-ups around assembled plastic parts
*painting everything!!! dead
It has been slow going for the last little bit. Work has been keeping me busy and I've also been working on another hobby project that I've been putting off for more than 10 years (it's probably more like 12-13yrs now).

Here's a bit of a progress update:
*two sets of stairs
*rail lines for the mining cart
*parchment plans
*mining cart
*lava touch-ups to blend in the surface irregularities
*plaster & sanding underway
*wash and sealant
*prime parts, assemble, finalize wiring placement and elec. testing
*extra skulls around the base of the bound daemon within the forge
*final foam and plaster touch-ups around assembled plastic parts
*painting everything!!!

Before disassembling the chimney I need reference photos or I'll never figure out where the pieces go!

After plastering and sanding I wiped down the base and central piece with isopropyl alcohol. Because the Sharpie sat for so long not much comes out.  After that I'm covering it with Pepto bismol, which dries somewhat clay-like.

Everything primed black (first pass).  Right after these parts dried I pinned the central piece on the bottom with plastic rods glued into the bottom and then pressed it down into the flat base along with hot glue.

There are a few gaps around the base so I filled these with plaster and smoothed them out with my finger.

Here's the blended seam covered in my base coat of black.

I've primed all of the core pieces like pipes and conduits, etc. The upper pic shows the pieces I still have to prime, which will get painted and go on toward the end.

*prime parts, assemble, finalize wiring placement and elec. testing
*final foam and plaster touch-ups around assembled plastic parts
*extra skulls around the base of the bound daemon within the forge
*painting everything!!!

Putting the wiring and battery supply into the base with its first heavy coat of dry brushing

I didn't quite have enough space to hide the battery pack fully within the base so I had to make a cover that's held in with plastic pins.

Knocking through for the final length of LEDs

Lighting demo and fresh lava pour. Not quite what I was going for, but it looks good enough. The lava also still needs some small touch-ups of yellow highlighting.

I'm keeping the top smokestack/rock formation separate so it can be removed for storage/transport

Next step, strange as it might sound is to start cutting into the piece again so that I can make out the delineations between tile sections. Once they're cut I'll have to apply more black into the recesses and dry brush over the edges again, but I've found it easier to do it at this stage in the past.  

No updates for a while as I'm out of town for the next 5 days for a work meeting.  Between this project and work I may be out of the running for the next GH dead

Back at the forge... toiling endlessly for my Chaos Dwarf brethren -

More shading and drybrushing on the forge

You can also see in this image the grid layout that I cut into the base and stairs. All of my Warhammer Quest boards are 150% larger than their originals - so the 1" tiles (25.4 mm) become 1½" tiles (38.1 mm). I didn't cut the grid into the entire main floor area as I'm planning to cover much of it in plasticard tiles at the end.

A view of the back. While the battery pack cover protrudes suspiciously, at least it blends in for the most part.

This is the view of the unfinished back of the forge entrance, which completely dwarfs the regular Warhammer Quest doorways. I still need to paint up the Lammasu heads I cast up, which will go onto the doors.

View of the entrance from the front. Still lots left to do: shading, highlights on the carvings, flames for the sconces, etc.

The doors open up to roughly the width of 2 tiles (~ 3") which is the standard width of a Warhammer Quest corridor

And finally a closeup on the lower forge area, carvings, and lava pool.

Still lots left to do, including much of the small detail pieces like the bound daemon within the main forge, mine cart, sacrificed slaves, the Forge Master, lots of skulls, etc...

That's enough for now I think Takes Hat off
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