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Full Version: Warhammer Quest and dreams of Hashut
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Awesome.  I did something like this for Space Hulk years ago, but not to as high a standard as yours.
An underground factory would be a nice idea for CD, as would daemonic weaponry in the treasure tables.
Equipment could obviously include Chaos armour, Obsidian armour, masks, blunderbusses, scimitars etc.  Blunderbusses would be particularly entertaining underground.

NIcodemus Wrote:
I planned the final Adventure to take place in a ziggurat that's been converted into a factory with multiple floors. At the lowest levels will be the primary Deamon Forge where the deamonic machines, weaponary and armour are "created".  

Tremendous.   Takes Hat off

NIcodemus Wrote:
I've been trying to keep an almost (don't shoot me) steampunk kind of image in my mind for these CDs...

Nothing wrong with that, CD are well suited to fill the steampunk role.  It's one of the reasons why GW's refusal to re-release CD puzzles me.

NIcodemus Wrote:
Gunner (bad name and I'd love suggestions for what else to call them

In the Indy GT CD army list they are called "Annihilators", so that would probably be a good choice.

Those are incredible! Not only the shapes but the painting tone and texture. I'm really looking forward to your ziggurat models.
You are my Warhammer Quest hero!

As I love both WQ and Chaos Dwarfs, your project has my hearty respect and interest.  I have a scratch-built WQ set as well, although not nearly at the standard that yours is.

Reading the adventure tables, it seems a lot like when GW wrote WQ they were hoping to use it as a vehicle for selling Chaos Dwarfs - they really do have a disproportionate presence in the tables.

I'd love to see your treasure and hazard tables.  The folks I play WQ with, including myself, figure that one of the flaws of the game is that the treasure seems to plateau around battle level 5 or 6.  Once my old (Chaos) Dwarf character got the sword that does two extra dice of damage and ignores armour on 5+ to hit, he didn't really need anything else....  So changes to treasure are cool!

Also, regarding steampunk - I say go for it all the way.  Steam punk CDs are awesome.
Wow! Simply amazing. I second the tutorial request. Might also be great for building bases.
Remarkable work.  I am jealous.  I've wanted to do something similar for Hero Quest.
Great tutorial, thanks for posting it.
Next you can start making Chaos Dwarf scenery Tongue Wink
I love this thread.  Keep it coming.
That reminds me of the people who sell something as "Xbox 360" and only partway through the description does it actually say "This is for the box of an Xbox360 only, the Xbox is not included", so someone pays $200 for a cardboard box because everything else made it look like it was the whole lot.

Bare in mind that he is selling a single card, which is $9 on its own, plus at least $9 in shipping! Ouch. Must be printed on gold or something.

The description of "near mint" is rather amusing too.
Amazing stuff, keep it coming.
Those corks came out well.  I would have thought cork would be a damned hard thing to carve.
I wouldn't worry too much, they look fantastic.
Another great update.  
Maybe the lava could look a bit "glowier" though?  Not really sure how to achieve that... Perhaps put a layer of artificial water over the top of it?

NIcodemus Wrote:
he suggested having something partially see-through with red LEDs underneath. 

Would look amazing, for sure.  I doubt if I could pull it off but I have no doubt you could.

Awesome is an understatement!
Looking good.  I love reading this thread.
Now there's a dedicated devotee!  Hashut will reward you!
Oh my, this is next level stuff! Incredible mate, can't wait for more

I really like the way the way you've included all the CDO artwork into these too

This is truly incredible stuff.  Very impressive.
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