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Full Version: New Skaven clanrat pics
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They look a lot better than the old models. You could argue that they look too skinny but that just gives them a more realistic look.
I think if they had the decent skaven heads (like stormvermin or gutter runners) with those bodies they would look really nice.  As it is though I'm not a great fan.  The heads are not that similar at all really to the old style, and overall they look a bit top heavy for bulk.  Maybe they are just mutated now with hunchbacks, as opposed to just being hunched over a little?
I'm with Grim, they're too top heavy.

They also lack the character of the older clanrats. I'm not a fan of this trend for making models that sacrifice poses and ease of conversion to make them rank more easily. If you can't be bothered to number the bases of your models its not our fault if they don't rank up. There's no energy to these guys, they're just static. As long as they don't cost as much as the other new models. Imagine building a skaven horde at twelve pounds for ten!

The only thing that kept me from collecting Skaven were those stupid clanrat models that looked more like monkeys than anything else. Now finally these look like ratmen. Me likey. Happy
They are not replacing the Rat Ogres (shame) or the plaguemonks.  I don't know about anything else though.  I'm guessing the warpfire throwers will be changed as the models look quite dated imo.

Seeing as there may be 3 of these portable weapons now they should just release them as a separate box so you can make any of them.
These will definitely make for cool hobgoblin conversions. Happy

I like the ratman-look more than what they had before.
I'm curious to find out what the big gribbly is in the background of the Skaven army book cover.
Yes, although he mentioned it in his usual irritating, oblique manner.

I was wondering if it might not be some big Clan Moulder monster.
Some more info from The Underempire.  People can make their own judgements as to its reliability:

The Underempire Wrote:
“There are four new boxes, plus some metal models and probably some repackaged old stuff.

Clanrats / Slaves
- plastic box of 20
- concept sketches by Jes Goodwin and Brian Nelson
- wear tattered robes and armour somewhat similar to LotR moria goblins
- the box may or may not contain parts to make weapon teams

- presumably a plastic box of 10

- plastic or metal box of 1
- smaller than the old version

Screaming Bell / unknown new war machine thingy
- plastic box, makes one or the other
- the bell variant comes with part of the church still attached
- it is unknown what the new war machine is, but given the structure of the screaming bell model, it would be logical to assume some sort of catapult. It is NOT a Cauldron of a Thousand Poxes

Deathmaster Snitch
- metal blister of 1
- jumping off a piece of scenery with a dagger in each hand (we will all be disappointed if he does not also have one in the tail)

“General info

Written by Jeremy Vetock, released November 2009. Major overhaul rulewise and modelwise. All the original fluff is there, the rules seem balanced and in no way over the top. Things that needed fixing were fixed, several new units have been added, interesting rules overall without any proliferation of special abilities for units.

One list flexible enough to make different flavours like Skryre, Eshin, Moulder, Pestilence and mixes thereof/other clans. A lot of new option, but not all accompanied by new models. New army wide rules, mainstay perhaps gone but maybe an additional +1CR for outnumbering (for a total of +2).

General model design close to original concepts and Warhammer Online concept art.

Skaven Magic is getting a big update, 13 spells in total and the highest casting cost of a single spell so far (even greater than Lord Kroak's spell). Might include a new big spell, perhaps the costy and complex summoning of a Vermin Lord or another transformation spell of a whole unit. All gray seers will know the skitterleap spell as standard. Grey Seer now knows all spells w unlimited Warpstones. Warplightning is S5 or S4 but it's only 1D6.



More than 5, probably less than 13 but not much, with army altering rules. From the known clans, including Queek from clan Mors. No Vermin Lord as character (but summoned with a spell??). Deathmaster Snikch gets new model. Other new character models as well.

Doomwheel as possible mount. Doomwheel get new plastic (more rumours) or metal model, smaller than the old one, perhaps just one wheel. Rat Ogre mount for Skaven Warlord.

Screaming bell mount for Grey Seer, gets new fantastic plastic kit (can also be made into a Warpfire launcher).

Master Moulder grants regeneration to any Moulder unit he joins.

Plague Priest may now be upgraded to Lv 2 and any pestilence unit he joins can never loses frenzy.

Sniper champion can pick out models to shoot.

Assassins as unit upgrades. Cheaper and weaker than DE assassins but with nice magic gear.


Clan rats
New plastic box. 20 rats for £20. Box also includes Slave models. Single rat maybe cheaper pointwise.

Can be made from new clan rat box. Lose slings.

Storm Vermin
New plastic box with 20 rats (limited?) for £30 , also 10 box?. Models quite big. Same points. No 0-1 restriction with a warlord. May move to special. Hand weapon, Halberd, shield and heavy armour as standard. May be upgraded with ratling gun, warpfire thrower and/or assassin like in DE army book. Storm banner gone.

Gutter Runners
No new models. Cheapers by perhaps 2 points.

Weapon Teams
A total of 5 different weapon teams (maybe including new ‘lightning gun’ weapon team, as warp lightning but in the shooting phase). Can hide in clan rat, stormvermin and nightrunner units, are forced out if an enemy unit gets in 10" reach or the hiding unit flees (-2 save). Ratling gun is D6 shots, S4 or S5 and shots 2D6 when panicked. Move and shoot unit. Modelwise either repackaging in boxes or included in clan rat box.

Plague Monks
Core at least under special circumstances. Have frenzy, hatred and poisoned attacks

Censer Bearers
14 points and upgrade to monk units instead of independent rare unit. Makes Plague Monks special unit then (if I understood the text correctly).

Giant rats
mixed unit with Rat Ogres, one Ogre per 12 rats. Without packmaster roll d6 every round: 1-3 stupid, 4-6 frenzied.
Rat Ogres cheaper, other stats and with weapon/ability upgrades. (I am not certain from the text whether Rat Ogres can also be taken without rats).

Poison Wind Globadiers
Now have d6 hits per ‘hit’. No new models.


0-1 unit, no skirmishers, but cheaper. No new models. S5AP not S6

Warp Lightning cannon
No new model. Follows normal war machine rules

Warpfire launcher
New plastic model included in Screaming bell kit.

giant, plague censer contraption
Big Clan Pestilence war machine, as seen on the cover

New big burrowing rat monster ("Hellpit abomination")
New metal model on chariot base. Can be configured cc or shooty. US5, regeneration, stubborn, causes terror, may tunnel and charge in any direction on turn it appears. Other units may follow tunnel, but may get eaten ”

Kera foehunter Wrote:
any pictures of the new bell

Not yet, Kera.  I'll post it here as soon as I spot it.

@ Brain and Baggronor - we don't even know the points cost and statline of the new skaven assasin yet, so we can't say whether it's broken. You both have very good points A chosen champion with a mark and magic item is a match for many hero level characters in some armies. At the same time assasins are very potent and if they allow you to pick four spell casters without worrying about combat heroes then that does seem a little bit broken.

There are always going to be some armies where you can build unbalenced lists - look at sixth edition chaos withthe 'Tzeentchian chariot army of doom' army. At the end of the day you just have to find opponents who suit your gaming style. There are no broken lists only broken gamers
Can we please keep this on the topic of the skaven models/ rules.

Any comments about other armies can be saved for another thread, if any of you feel strongly enough about it to create one.

At least this way those who are dipping into this thread to read about skaven can actually find something on topic. Wink
Few interesting new rumours on Warseer about "Wolf Rats" which may or may not be rideable.  Wolf Rats sound kind of appropriate.  Basically just extra big Giant Rats.  Not sure if I like the idea of Skaven riding round on them though (hopefully that is just wishlisting).

AGPO Wrote:
Yeah lackof cavalry is the skaven's main weakness - it compensates for havnig such cheap quick infantry. I can't see GW getting rid of that weakness personally

Yeah that's what i'm hoping too.
"Wolf Rats" on the other hand seem like a very obvious Moulder monster.  It's not hard to imagine that a Moulder genetic engineer might get the idea "I wonder just how big I can get a Rat to be?"
And let's be honest, who amongst us can say we haven't wondered the same thing? Big Grin

Not forgetting of course Plague Lord Nurglitch

Link to maximise model doesn't work Unsure

That seems a fairly good mount for a moulder style hero, but he would need a mounted unit to lead really.
I can understand why an enterprising Warlord might be happy to let lackey Skaven ride round on Rats.  I don't for one second think that any smart and upwardly mobile Skaven would want to elevate himself above the crowd  to a point where every sniper and cannon could see him and take pot shots at him.

Mind you, Grey Seers ride round on Giant, noisy bells, which isn't particularly discreet either (especially since Grey Seers have even less armour than Skaven Warlords and Chieftains do).

I could have sworn i'd planned to make a point when I started writing this...

wallacer Wrote:
Few interesting new rumours on Warseer about "Wolf Rats" which may or may not be rideable.  Wolf Rats sound kind of appropriate.  Basically just extra big Giant Rats.  Not sure if I like the idea of Skaven riding round on them though (hopefully that is just wishlisting).

I hope they do introduce the Hellpit wolfrats into the main list - already have a unit on the go

Swissdictator Wrote:
Wallacer, but they're hoping the Bell will protect them, seeing as only 1/6 of the shots will hit him!

Yeah, I suppose that's true.  Still doesn't seem very Skaveny to be advertising to the enemy where you are using the Warhammer equivalent of a giant flashing neon arrow.

Gelli Wrote:
So to confirm is one of the general ideas of the book to allow you to create an army from one of the clans?

Nobody is really sure yet, although there are some rumours that special characters may modify army selections to be more clan specific (a bit like Throgg the Troll King in the Warriors of Chaos book).

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