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Full Version: Blast your head! [Snotling's Blunderbusses]
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These guys are simply breathtaking! Stunning, really.

You are truly a master of GS!  They have a very unique look, very very cool.  The guns themselves look exactly how they should, and the armour is brilliant!  Fantasic work.


I really like. Especially the bald ones.  (And the movement trays made from sprues. I'll have to try that myself.)

What are the bases made out of, cork board?


Very Nice,

I'm happy I already finished my stepped, cork BB bases..........Happy



Probably the best chaos dwarfs I have seen to date!



Learn German? Njet, Njet! (wait, that's Russian. Dagg, already off to a bad start.)

Well, it's not too easy, but you can file the helmets down till it becomes a bald head.  A little tricky, but I've done it a few times myself.


wow those are SO GOOD, i wish i could make such fantastic looking blunderbusses, very nice job

grtz Lord Varut

vorhash blackmane

Geez, I was thinking of entering the conversion contest, but now i'm not so sure, i don't want to make a fool of myself. How on earth do you manage such great models with greenstuff? i find it will stick to anything other than the blasted mini itself! still anger and jealousy aside, let me cogatulate you, you'll have a totally unique army when all is said and done. As for me, well i'll plod on and maybe post some pics soon if you promise not to laugh, cheers you evil fiendCheers!


Hehe, everyone uses Quick Replies. XD


Hashut says "Use quick reply! Gives you more time to dig!"
These conversions are ace!  GreenStuff to the max!  

(Yay, back on topic now. Tongue )
No worries with the Threadomancy.  As long as your comment has some substance.  Unlike postsing "cool" and that is all. Tongue

Plus, I basically invited you to post on this thread. Tongue

The Slaver

Excelent Cds! that idea about the bases is awsome, and i think i might just have to steal it!! Also, did you scrape the beards of the thunderers from the bfsp away first, or just build curly beards over them? i have some BB's in production and couldn't decide where to go with this detail. Once again awsome stuff!!
You would have seen them when he finished painting them! Wink

Don't neglect the "Compiled Conversions" thread stickied at the top, it archives Conversion threads so they are easier to find. Happy
A great pic nevertheless!  Awesome!


We arenīt chaos, we are chaos dwarfs!

Back to the topic, these blunderbusses are sweet snotling. I really want to see them painted!!!


any chance we could get a close up of some of them?  The dragon scale style armour looks really cool.

Did you do that in a single layer of GS or one level at a time?


these look simply amazing! i was wondering what kind of cork you used. that doesn't look like cork from a wine bottle


ah i see. thanks for that info. also, if i may how did you make the goggles? is that milliput or plasticard?

Border Reiver

I rather like your blunderbusses here and may have to try something like this with my BFSP Dwarfs.  

For your standard , what are you planning to make the body look like, a greenskin or somthing else?
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