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Full Version: What is your favorite Dog of War unit
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Hi there everyone.
I love Dogs of War. I think they are one of the most fun armies out there. You don’t see these guys much any more. I think it would be good talk about them some and get others interested. So if you use them what is your favorite unit and how do they work in your army.

Personally I like to use Leopold’s Leopard Company. These guys are awesome immune to psychology and they have pikes. What more could you ask. Oh, I have found some interesting uses for these guys. They can hold a line like you would not believe. They are a staple in my DOW army. I like to take between 24 and 30 of them. I have also used them in my empire army. Try it some time. If you want to be really nasty have a warrior priest join the unit. Trust me its legal I even emailed GW on this one. Pikemen with hatred who are immune to psyc, scars even vampires. So tell us all your tales. If you don’t play with any DOW units ask your questions and you might find yourself converting them for your army.
The kislev wing lancer unit, they just look so call and cause a panic check on the turn they charge Happy
I dont know i think either Halfings or the norsk Bearmen
I cant say that I've ever used a DoW unit as I play Warriors of Chaos (when I play at all) however, I've always wanted a large unit of Alcatani Fellowship. Pikes, some armor and a small point cost. Can't say where I'd use them, but I'd find a spot.
Considering their uncertain status, that they are hard to get hold of and expensive I don't think it is strange we don't see very much of them.

Some of the cooler and wackier stuff, WHFB at its best IMHO. Don't really know which I like the best. Actually got whole bag of pikemen somewhere just waiting for a concept I had for an army.

Have you checked out the DoW website admin:ed by some of the crazier staff from CDO? Damned I can remember the URL at the moment though.
Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks.

2 BS5 models (the rest BS4) with 24 inch range, skirmish and move and shoot.
Bronzino's Galloper Gun; the only way to add a cannon to a TK army, not that mine ever got beyond the "dozen skeletons kitted out with various weapons" stage.

I have not, in fact, ever played a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but I managed to snag Bronzino, Ghazak Khan, and Oglah Khan off of some musty shelves in my FLGS while I was in High School.

snowblizz Wrote:
Have you checked out the DoW website admin:ed by some of the crazier staff from CDO? Damned I can remember the URL at the moment though.

I don't know which crazy staff you could be refering to...*shifty look*...

You mean They aren't that crazy over there.
I've always been rather fond of the Halfling figures.
Not that i'd ever actually use them on a battlefield, I just like the miniatures.
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