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Full Version: My cheap-skate Chaos Dwarfs on a budget. (Working on new stuff)
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Cool, you plan to build Kinder Surprise Battle Golems... and I thought, I'll be the first, who do this Wink
Your theme sounds cool. it has a lot of potential. You could give them some... decent evilness ^^. what will you use for the hobbos? the problem with the mutations is allways... Dwarf don't mutate, they just turn to stone ^^
I think you should cut a piece of plasticard (or thickish card like a cereal box) to cover over the greenstuff on the earthshaker.  It will look a lot smoother once painted. Wink
This is looking great! Can't wait to play against this army!

What are you going to use for Chaos Dwarf Warriors/Blunderbusses?
That battlereport is looking great! Big Grin Nice job!
The banner design is awesome! Great freehand!
Vorzüglich! Takes Hat off
But I agree with Bassman, this pose looks too dynamic and barbarian, you should give him the noblesse and conservative arrgance of a prussian general.
It was just an idea, he looks good right now, too ^^
You're on a roll! Keep up the good work! Happy

Are those skull-helmet models converted?
So many Hobgoblins... :'(

It's going to be fun.. My horde is bigger anyway ;p

Bolg Wrote:
Maybe I should open a new topic for my not really Chaos Dwarf stuff.. but than again. I could just change the name of this topic (:

Cool stuff Happy It would also look nice with your Orcs! Wink

Did you make some pics at Sundays tournament? How about you show them here! Happy

Awesome! Big Grin
Don't stop working on the upper right model, it's awesome!

They're starting to look really cool, I'm looking forward to seeing what these end up like Happy

Bolg Wrote:
And then I found out my local game store had a painting competition, one of the categories was "conversion' Thats why they are on a scenic base, maybe they win me some store credit, would be great as I'm almost out of greenstuff d:

So did you win? Happy

It's a really unique take of cd's friend and im very impressed at the style.
That turned out great! I have to say I like him with the nose. It makes him look more like he has some kind of horrific skin condition instead of a mummified Chaos Dwarf. So more alive than dead.

And ofcourse it still needs a big hat ;p
Very cool, but shouldn't these be on 40x40mm bases?
Looking good. I don't know why, I think it's the basic shape, but the middle one reminds me of this guy.
Cool start. His arms look a little out of proportion though... Maybe some shoulderpads would fix that?
Hah, that's awesome! Looking forward to seeing it in person Happy

Although I have to say, I really like the sketch of the one where you put the Kinder capsule vertical! It's so cute!
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