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Full Version: Flood Controls
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Flood Controls
In recent times there has been a marked pick up on the site in the number of spambots, as well as a big increase in flooding and post racing. While many of you may not have noticed this, it is in part due to the fact that the staff are having to spend a lot of time cleaning up after these posts rather than improving the site, taking part in the discussions and generally making the place run smoothly. For this reason we've decided to activate the flood control of 30 posts a day. Ordinary members will almost certainly never run into this. To give you a rough idea, our most active staff member (no prizes for guessing who that is Wink) makes on average 6.47 posts a day, and our busiest member (again no prizes) makes 8.69 posts a day. The post limit is there purely to make our job easier and the site better. Bearing in mind the rate at which new content is posted, and the fact that this new limit works out at around 900 posts a month, most of you guys should never even encounter it. If the site ever grows so large that more than 30 posts a day becomes reasonable, we will of course reconsider the limit. We've set the bar deliberately high - and created more work for ourselves in doing so - so as not to constrain you guys.

the Staff
Noooo, I want prizes for guessin' the two dudes Big Grin

OK, serious: you have my support for your job. I hate sucha nice forum spammed to death. Recently the spambots increased and I appreciate every effort to keep this place clean.
No problem with me eighter.

Have you guys thought about making it harder to sign up? Like account activation, e-mail verifications etc.?
Something else worth adding here, I did test this a few months back and I believe if someone does reach the limit for that day they can delete some posts and post more (up to 30 max).  If anyone does happen to reach this please test this and pm me, as I'm fairly sure I did it right but there is a small doubt.

Which isn't ideal I know, but it means if you've already posted 30 things and you have a burning desire that you absolutely must post something, you can delete something and post it.

As AGPO said, there are few people here who will reach that limit (ever), even fewer that would reach it regularly enough to be annoyed by it, and even fewer still who could not wait one day (or a minute past midnight) to post something.

If anyone is thinking 'why do we need this at all'?  Consider the situation where dozens of members are posting 50, 60, 70+ times a day.  Could we guarantee that most of this would be quality stuff?  You guys (and gals) will know for yourselves the level of quality we get from the current level of activity.

By setting a bar that is not unreasonable at all (as nothing is that urgent and you can't delete some posts or wait), we are making sure that excessive spam/ flood posting is less possible than it was.  It is not something that has been done lightly, we have been discussing this for months.
Don't PMs count toward this limit?
No.  Though I believe posts that are in sections where the posts don't add to your total do count towards this.
Well hopefully these flood controls won't drown anyone!

clam Wrote:
No problem with me eighter.

Have you guys thought about making it harder to sign up? Like account activation, e-mail verifications etc.?

There are a fair number blocks in place to block spam bots but more steps when needed are always prudent.

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