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Full Version: 2000 members for Chaos Dwarfs Online
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Amazing that CDO is growing so much!

At this posting, we're at 1997! 3 more to go!Cheers!

Thorne Wrote:
I wonder how many are spambots ?

This is exactly the same question which I asked myself! Happy


I don't think any are spambots as you have to answer the skill-testing, anti-spambot questions!

Now it's at 2000!
Congratulations are in order for the entire community. While some of those members are assuredly spambots it's still a nice milestone none-the-less. Some old faces have left other new ones have come to fill the ranks and so it goes, but the cause remains the same: chaos dwarfs a reality.

So party it up but don't trash the place too much as it was a mess from the last bash.

I was watching the count but missed getting a screen capture of the 2000th member joining. Weird I'm member #369 and I still feel like a new guy sometimes.

Anyways congratulations to an awesome community.
I believe I posted this in "Off Topic", but it's still great news!
I was at 2000 when I posted, but I guess the new converts just keep comming! Big Grin
That number includes 'spambots' - no doubt about that. You can see the 2000 members in the member list - and then just count all the banned members we have.
We also recently crossed 5 million page views.
Yeah sorry about that was meaning to get to this earlier in the day or when the actually change over happened.
Hey spambots are peo... Err never mind Wink yah cdo!
hehe nice! keep them coming ;D *grabs his whip, runs out and tries to haul in more worshippers of hashut*
It's ok. At least you had the power to put it on the front page!
Yeah I'll merge the OT thread and this one later tonight.
I used to go through and delete the spambots outright, but it confused some people. It would take me only a few minutes to the current lot. Maybe we can make a policy not to reply to spambots, then we can delete them and their posts without the confusion. The only problem is that they often make posts that aren't very spambotty so it is easy to get caught out.
Wow! that puts me about 1/4" away from being a Moderator! LOL!
Threads merged its a bit disjointed, but no sense of having two topics on the same matter.
2000 members and I am part of it, yay! Takes Hat off
I was here from the very beginning and saw how this site started as a little forum and raised to a huge community. great work all of you!

... I wonder which number I am ^^
Thanx for throwing this up front. First time i ever made it to the front page! Big Grin
Snotling if your profile ID is any indicator, 17. I'm 705.

It is exciting though!
This is a massive mile stone for us as a community congrats every one Takes Hat off next stop 3000 Happy
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