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Full Version: GW prices to increase
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Really hasn't effected me since I'm not currently collecting any armies. Well Chaos Dwarfs but most of what I have left is metal 4th edition hobgoblins.
Despite my sig... my warhammer purchasing is entirely from online discounters.  So whilst this is annoying for me, it's not the end of the world entirely.

Interestingly, I find that the more the prices go up, the closer I look at the quality of the models in a new army and how close they are to my vision of how they should be.  Any more work than superficial stuff and I won't collect them at all.

For the most part, the only armies that come close that I find particularly interesting are currently skaven and dwarfs.  If they redo Orcs to be more savage looking then I may think about collecting them, but otherwise to me the price rise doesn't mean a whole lot.

I feel sorry though for those intending to collect multiple armies up to 2500pts etc.
Well, it looks like I'm completely out of buying non-LotR models from Games Workshop. I can officially no longer justify the expenditure for the models. Even at online discounters, 20% off of the current amount felt fairly expensive.

Oh well, GW will eventually learn that pushing wallets away will reduce revenue.
The usual yearly increase. Not as bad as I was expecting it to be.

Doesn't really effect me at the moment as I only have 1 army (chaos dwarfs) and I make purchases entirely online.

To be fair though this is a hobby and is still cheaper then many other hobbies out there. I've been playing now for over 15 years and won't be stopping anytime soon (no matter how high the prices go).
Time of Madness
On the bright side the pound and the euro are tanking at the moment, so the favourable exchange rate may help to offset the price rise somewhat.
Im so glad i stopped buying new boxes of stuff years ago. But this has really put me off ever buying anything again, apart from off of ebay. Which is a shame because im actually looking forward to the new Tomb Kings and was probably going to buy some of them.

wallacer Wrote:
On the bright side the pound and the euro are tanking at the moment, so the favourable exchange rate may help to offset the price rise somewhat.

That'd be nice for those not in Britain or using the Euro Wink But not us, lol Big Grin

Loki Wrote:
Not really surprised they are putting up prices again, its only going to drive people away, maybe one day they will learn

Already have driven at least one away, lol Tongue

Thorne Wrote:
I just cant understand how they can justify it.

Because people keep buying the models and will continue to keep buying from them.
Time of Madness

Death, Taxes and GW Price Increases.

Thorne Wrote:

Like I say most of the time, Gamesworkshop make nice games, You dont need however to buy there models.

It's all well and good to say that, but if you wish to attend tournies (I don't) or dislike the other figures or only like GW figures or find that non-GW figures don't fit into your army or a myriad of other possible reasons, then GW's price rise is pushing you out of the game as well as out of buying their models. Personally, I have very few non-GW models and even those seem largely out of place in my armies to me, despite only getting ones that I think are the closest fit, etc. It's a case of preference over necessity. Having options doesn't mean that all of the options are desirable, if they were, then this wouldn't have been a problem for anybody.

Time of Madness Wrote:
Because people keep buying the models and will continue to keep buying from them.

Precisely why they do it. If people don't buy from them, then they will eventually be forced to stop raising prices (even if it's because they go bust).

slev Wrote:
Rule books going up for the first time in six years, sort of expected TBH, given how book pricing works.
{snip}An extra 20 mins work at minimum wage to buy one box of figures is hardly a chore in my books.

The rulebook price IS expected and, I guess at 528 pages (which I would presume is somewhat more than last time), it could even be justified.
That 20mins of extra work at minimum wage is still an extra 20mins of money and not everybody has been able to get a job or even claim benefits in the current economic climate (in which case, they probably shouldn't be buying models, lol), but those 20mins of work could go towards a meal or too of shopping instead, which I would personally prefer my money to go on (extra food instead of same amount of model). Regardless, it doesn't change a thing.

We have to live with it or lump it and I'm lumping it, lol.

Black Tree Design do decent models at huge discounts. If ever I were in the mood to collect a new vanilla army I'd go there.
Black Tree's models are of 4th or 5th edition quality at best, not really a replacement for most of the modern minis.
it's inevitable....I wish I had of bought the Hellcannon when I had the chance my currency has taken a dive Tongue . Looks like even economic crisis safe havens aren't all that safe from fluctuations. As for how the over all news affects me:- stuff happens and you deal with it like the rest of life.

Anonymouse Wrote:
Have to agree with Ellimist: I checked out Black Tree Design and even though they have some very nice models ( and at excellent prices), the miniatures are not quite up to par with the modern minis. Still, I might order a flamecannon or a boltthrower: they look nice and will you look at that price?

Good point about the bolt thrower. With the exception of the crew, it could probably hold its own, and it's more appropriate than the current GW dwarf model for Hobgobs to use.

Avatars of War and the like are starting to get to the point where there minis are just as good. GW is something I only need for rules these days as their resistance to get more gamers in the hobby means they have to try and wring every last dollar out of their existing customers.
I wonder when it reaches a breaking point TBQH, their model is unsubstantial, maybe not this year or the next but eventually it implodes.

Want proof in the gaming industry? TSR. They thought they were invincible, sued and sent C&D letters to the whole of the internet and raised prices, sound familiar?
Patrikson, I doubt you'll get much sympathy fo not wanting to get a job when the rest of us have to work full time to eat and pay rent Tongue

As for the price increase, I'm just looking at it as motivation to paint my backlog - there's enough of it to keep me busy for many months yet!
AGPO: That's exactly what my current situation is. I'm still trying to get a job (as I have been the whole time I've been at university) and so can't afford the models and, I'm not sure I'd want to any more (other than second hand) because of the prices and so I'm getting all of my current models done.

Gone are the days fo the players with more models unpainted than completed........
I did consider, recently (a few times, actually), if we should all try and get the players of the game to buy a share or several shares and then we can control the company somewhat. We would be able to find out if the price rises were necessary or if they could be frozen for a time or even dropped slightly at present.

Not sure if it's a serious suggestion, but it would require a VAST swathe of players to buy it and become the majority...
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