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Full Version: Golden Hat #12 - Chaos Dwarfs with Blunderbusses
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Sweet.  Finally have some motivation to make my own BBs!
Well ive been looking forward to this one for a long time so im definately going to enter. Hopefully ill get started tomorrow.
I was picking out my miniatures from the cupboard to put them up for sale as I haven't played or done any work on them since late 2007. I just couldn't do it though, and now there's already have my old Hellcannon half painted on my desk :/

Might as well give this a go while I'm on the buzz I suppose.
Vexxus' entry that won bronze was this:

I didn't help an ounce with this.  The sorcerer ThommyH remembers can be found here:

To my recollection, that wasn't ever entered as a contest entry for anything.  The entire warband was featured at Border Town Burning, though, to which both of us are credited.
Right right.

Hopefully what I posted helped clear up a bit of the confusion, anyhow.

I just really liked Warplock's entry.  It inspired me to paint a cover, which I had been intending to do.
...and a Bull Centaur and Warrior too (for the Warband). Tongue
Ive slipped a disk in my spine so im not going to be able to paint for a while. Hopefully ill recover before the deadline as i had made good progress before i screwed my back up.

NIcodemus Wrote:
Sorry to hear about your back... is there an interesting story attached, such as uber-hardcore conversions and painting which led to your predicament? 

Nothing interesting really. Just too much heavy lifting. I dont know how long it will take to heal itself (all i can do is take painkillers) but if it gets too close to the deadline im just going to paint through the pain lol.

Mario Wrote:

Pyro Stick Wrote:

Nothing interesting really. Just too much heavy lifting. I dont know how long it will take to heal itself (all i can do is take painkillers) but if it gets too close to the deadline im just going to paint through the pain lol.

Get well soon then, i feel your pain. My backs out every now and then, too, sadly. Do you know whats wrong with it? Mines slipping ligament in the lower back which can easily be fixed by a chiropractor.

Its either a slipped or split disk in my lower back. It doesnt really matter which it is because they might as well be the same thing. Basically a disk in my spine is pushing against a nerve now and its really painful to move it. All i can do is wait for it to fix itself. Diagram of Slipped Disk

NIcodemus Wrote:
At the risk of appearing rude, I'm going to reiterate my earlier post:

Subject Matter
Create 5 Chaos Dwarfs with Blunderbusses.  No command models are allowed.

If, in the process of creating the group, one was to over-emphasize one model or some aspects of one model, but not intend that model to be a member of a command group, do we still run the risk of public perception interpreting or viewing that unit as a command model - like a champion?


I think as long as it's not hugely over-the-top, like putting it on a higher level or a hat that's twice as big, none of the competitors are uptight enough to care. What matters is that the unit as a whole looks amazing!

Ellimist Wrote:
I think as long as it's not hugely over-the-top, like putting it on a higher level

I was actually going to do something like that but it isnt intended to look as if that one model is a champion. Its going to be a standard model like the rest in the row but because it doesnt have a tab i was going to put it on one of these bases: lava base . All the other models in the row will have bases painted to look the same, but one will just be a few mm higher than the rest.

Not including command groups leaves that open as a theme for another golden hat.

Da Crusha Wrote:
sorry to hear about your back pyro, thats gotta suck.

The inflamation was what really crippled me but i got some heavy duty anti-inflamatories and it feels much better. Im just waiting on some new washed to arrive then im going to get painting.

Da Crusha Wrote:
I would've preferred to have to create a character with a blunderbuss that way we could work on our hailfire gun conversions. regular blunderbuss without command is too restricting IMO. like I said earlier I paint all my blunderbuss the same and my GH entry is likely to look exactly the same.

I think a single blunderbuss character would have been wayy to constricting. For those of us that only have original models we would only have been able to bling up the base a bit and we would have no chance of doing well in the competition at all. If there was a command group included then it would have been all about the command and no one would pay attention to the other 2 models needed to build up the rank. This way command group is avaialable for another competition.

I also paint all my blunderbuss the same way but since all the models are different they arent going to look exactly the same. Theres loads of different poses and hats to choose from if you are using original models and you can do whatever you want to each individual base so i think this competiton is more open that people might originally think.

Ive had some pretty life altering stuff happen recently so hopefully i can get my models done. i finally got the paint i ordered so its just a matter of sitting down and finishing them off. But ive honestly lost all passion for it right now. Ive just got out of a 5 year relationship and its going to take a while to get over it.

clam Wrote:
So sorry to hear, my friend. Always hard breaking up with a good friend or the love of your life. Sometime, life really sucks Sad

Take care, old friend and  I wish you all the best.

NIcodemus Wrote:
Focus on your passions and hobbies man... force yourself to do it, maybe watch LOTR while you're painting, etc. It'll help take your mind off other things a little.

Thanks for the kind words guys. Luckily my entry was almost complete so i dont have that much to do and the washes make it so much easier for me to paint, but i changed my mind about a model a few days ago so ive had to paint up a new one. My rank would have looked a bit weird the way it was so i had to change one model for one with a different pose. Im using music at the moment to take my mind of things but ill give watching LOTR a go as well. Maybe ill try watch all 3 in one day and finish my entry at the same time.

warh Wrote:
Question:  must all the models be in all four pictures?

No, they dont all have to be in every picture.

Well mine are mostly all sculpted, I'll be pushing it to get them painted though...
Ive finished my entry so all i need to do now is get some decent pictures. Whats the deadline in GMT?
Finally got my entry sent of but half way through taking pics i dropped and broke my 10 megapixel camera so some of the pics arent the best quality and i didnt get all the shots i wanted but they are good enough.
Missed the deadline.  It conflicted with an essay due date, and the essay took priority.  I do have 5 converted blunderbussers though. Pics forthcoming. Happy
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