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Full Version: [40k] Can I give a dread a cybork body?
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If i take mad dok grotsnik as my HQ for orks, can i give my deff dread a cybork body? It says "Any unit in a army including Grotsnik may upgrade its members to have cybork bodies for +5 pts per model". Isnt the deff dread a "Unit"?

Quick update: My Deff roller dread is DONE. Pics will be posted tomorrow.
I don't think vehicles can get Invulnerable saves.
EDIT: Checked the FAQ, says vehicles cannot have them.. doh!
Saves work against wounds. Vehicles don't take wounds. Ergo, you can't give them Invulnerable saves.
Meh, i was going to say that a vehicle takes a 'wound' when they suffer a glancing, or penetrating hit.
I wrote a reply, but I didn't see you'd already gone to the FAQ. No need for me to present my complicated train of logic then!
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