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Full Version: Unseen Lerker - Issue 3 now available
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Step right up, step right up, don’t be shy now. Issue 3 of Unseen Lerker (or “The Bi-Monthly Guide To Weasel Trimming”, as it’s known in South Africa) has rocketed into the atmosphere with all of the grace, speed and intensity of a flying pancake.

This issue we continue to improve upon the style and layout from Issue 2, while staying true to our core of quality content and affable readability. We were, however, told to stop publishing photos of women in rollerskates, so we’ve now been forced to replace that section with, well, stuff about toy soldiers. A shame, really.

Issue 3 contains:

- Event Spotlight: Adepticon
James Hyde takes a walk on the American side and brings us back tales from the largest Games Workshop based weekend in the USA. Included are pictures of kissing Daemonettes, an interview with the overall WHFB champion, and a full breakdown of all the different tournaments running over the two days.

- Tactic-Attack: Dodge the Dragon!
Our regular tactician, Loke D, has gotten all inspired by a recent Pixar animated film and decided to focus this month’s Tactic-Attack article on how to deal with big, scary, flying monsters. He’s crazy like that.

- Army Showcase: Wayne Kemp’s Skaven
This awesomely converted and painted horde of rodent critters is the winner of many Best Army awards, and after seeing it in the flesh at Tempest Rising (the first Unseen Lerker run tournament) we really couldn’t go past including it in this month’s issue. Put on your bib and get ready to drool.

- The Hobby Corner: A Basis For Basing Basic Bases
Some of you may know Joe Sturge from his winter Wood Elf army in the WHFB rulebook. Others may remember him from the Deadly Cream Pie incident of 2002. Regardless, we managed to track down professional painter and pastry fiend Mr Sturge just long enough that he could pour out some of his scrambled thoughts into something resembling an article on improving your figures’ bases.

- The Test Dummies
This time our gullible duo of lab rabbits (I mean, volunteers) try their hand at The Uncharted Seas, a miniature wargame set at sea! While we can’t guarantee they won’t say “Avast!” a few times, we can guarantee that we’ll be giving away a full copy of the game they tested plus two starter fleets to one lucky subscriber. The winner isn’t drawn until Issue 4, so subscribe to Unseen Lerker for your chance to win!

- Battle Report: Blood Brothers
High Elves vs Dark Elves is always a grizzly affair, and who better to recreate it than two of the top players in Australia – Andrew and Jeff Galea. Included are outrageous Leadership tests, a frisky Hydra, some brotherly banter, and for the first time a very sexy turn-by-turn map...tracker...thing!

- Plus a whole other bunch of stuff
Including our usual book and video game reviews, prize giveaways (including custom UL dice and an UL t-shirt), an interview with the man behind the new, spangly RankingsHQ site, and no references to Sam Worthington whatsoever. Nope, not one.

Check out for more info on where to get your very own copy of the magazine being described as "more glorious than Tom Cruise's hair".

Don't forget you a view a full 10-page sample of the magazine for free

Thanks for the heads up, Ubertechie. Will pick up my copy from Maelstrom, though. And I'm really looking forward seeing the coverage of Wayne's Skaven Army.
Having played against wayne at Kemp Towers I can personally confirm how amazing his Skaven are
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