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Full Version: Info from 8th launch at GW HQ
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From Da Warpath, via warseer.

Just got back from the launch event at Warhammer World and I have to say it was excellent. Practically the whole studio was there. They had cases of models that made your head spin, including the Orc seige tower from the huge legendary game and the squiggadon. I managed to get my collector's edition signed by Mat Ward, Phil Kelly, Jervis, Jeremy Vetock and the entire team of artists, then Rick Priestly and John Blanche stopped by as well and added their squiggles. Fantastic morning, even if I had to get up at 5am and catch 5 trains to get there!

I tried to do a bit of digging, but no one was giving too much away.

I asked Jervis about the possibility of Warhammer apocalypse and he said that he doubted there would be a Warhammer apocalypse book per se, like they did for 40k, but that they will be releasing lots of things in that vein as they roll the next set of army books out. They want the process to be a bit more integrated rather than seeming like an add on. This is why a lot of the large scale things are in the rulebook already.

I also chatted to him about his latest studio campaign (mainly to shamelessly steal ideas for Animosity!) and about the possibility of future online campaigns. He said that it would be very unlikely GW would run something like Storm of Chaos again (partly because of the work, and partly because it got a bit out of control and started drivinig the storyline, which they never intended). However he did say that interactive events in a similar scale, but less world changing are on the cards starting later this year.

Also managed to corner Jeremy Vetock. First up, this guy is fantastic! Maybe I'm saying that because he seems to approach the hobby in the exact same way I do, but I'm very happy he's writing the new book. Unfortunately he confirmed it'll be a while before ours is out. It's on the horizon, but don't hold your breath kinda deal. He asked me what I'd like in a new Orc book and (as a kavalree git) I gave him a few suggestions. I said I thought Boar Boyz should be core, and he agreed (yippee!). I also asked him about Black Orc Boar Boyz but he just grinned. He's keen to add a large monster of some sort to the book as well so we'll have to see what happens. We also had a chat about Orc fluff ad how there really aren't any good stories in the Orc army books. I think he's got an eye on changing that which is fantastic news. Finally, I made him aware of DWP, which he wasn't, so no poopin in da isles gitz, just in case ee shows up!

Finally Rick Priestly confirmed that various drafts of the new army book are floating round and he's seen them. He wouldn't go into details though, of course, and they are apparently very embryonic.

That's all gits. I really came away with the feeling that there's a stack of fun coming our way. Great time to be a Warhammer player I think.

Not much info but nice to hear that the chaps are so nice in person Happy
I'm very happy to hear there is a new Orc book on the cooker...

mmmmm core boar boys....
Curious to hear that from Jervis about apocalypse. I spoke to Matt Ward and Andy Hoare and they both said they were very keen to produce an apocalypse style supplement
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