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Full Version: TK Sphinx = CD Lammasu
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In this rumors thread, apparently the TK are getting a sphinx like model in their next release, which if its not totally rotting, and even if it is, it will give us a great base for a lammasu for converting for our sorcerers.

If this is actually happening

ClawLeader Wrote:
If this is actually happening

The unfortunate but realistic proviso!  Yeah, that could be pretty cool - perhaps especially if the 'Sphinx' is made of stone and could be portrayed as a kind of daemonic construct 'Lammasu.'

We'll have to wait and see...

I hope it will happen I'm fond of the look of the warmaster sphinx wether it will be similar I do not know.  
if it comes to fruition the sphinx model regardless if its skeletal or not will give a great base model for conversions. Count me in as a little excited but at the same time I am expecting the worst out of these rumors.
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