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Hi guys!

I started to work on my Empire army again, but I'm lacking motivation, so I thought it would be a smart idea to start a painting blog.

But it's not going to be a standard Empire army, that would be too easy. It's an army from the Moot. So lots and lots of Halflings! YAY! When the army's finished I should have painted about 200 of the little guys!

The army is not going to be a game winner, but it should look cool on the tabletop!

It should look a little like this:

Hopfully I'll be working on this army a little this week, and I'll try to keep this blog up to date Happy
Every model is GW, but some of them are very old..

The models that I use as Greatswords are from 1984, so they're even older than me! ;o


It's time to resurrect this thread, since I have started work on my Halflings again.

12 February I'm entering a 750 pts tournament with this army, so I have some painted to do.

The list I want to use is:

Battle Wizard (General)
Captain (BSB )
50 Free Company
19 Great Swords

So far I've finished 30 Free Company, the Wizard, the Mortar and 10 Greatswords.. And I hope I can finish painting the rest in time.

I'll put up some pics tomorrow once I've bought some batteries for my camera Happy
Ok, so the armylist wasn't that interesting. Hope you guys like the pics enough to leave some comments! Happy

I tried to make some of individual Halflings, but those didn't turn out right, so for now I just have pics of the entire units to show.

First, a 50 men strong Free Company horde. All uniques models in this unit, no duplicates! Big Grin Still WIP of course.

And my WIP Greatsword unit.

It's been hard work, but I finished the 750 pts army in time for the tournament!

50 Free Company, 20 Greatswords, a Captain BSB, a wizard and a Mortar with customized template ;p

I just have to finish the banners, but I don't want to rush them so I'll finish them after the tournament.

Bolg Wrote:
Wow you actually finished the army on time! thats some sweet production skill!!

How did the tournament go?

It was pretty fun.. finished third.
First game I got to play against Skaven. 28 Stormvermin with a Ratling Gun, 50 Skaven Slaves, some Globadiers and a Warplightning Cannon. He managed to kill my BSB and half of the Greatswords unit, and I wiped out his army. Crushing victory for me.
Second game played again another Empire army. He fielded 40 Halberdeers who stood still next to a Hellvolley gun, and a unit of 10 Outriders. Not really a fun game for me, since I had to walk forward and got shot to pieces. When I finally got to the Halberdeers I managed to break them, and overrun in his Hellvolley. But the next turn he actually hid the fleeing unit with his general behind his arm so I forgot to charge it. So -100 sportmanship for him, but since it was a recruit-tournament and was more about playing games than winning actual prices I didn't feel like making an effort to whine about it..
Final game vs. Dwarfs. 10 xbowmen, 10 Handgunners, Cannon and 25 Hammerers. I finished off most of his army except 2 Hammerers, and I only had my Greatswords left.

Final assesment of the day. 50 Free Company + Lore of Beast signature spell (+1S, +1T) is awesome! Mortar can cause a lot of pain.. when it actually manages to hit which it didn't all day... :/

And now some good news. With a few touchups on a couple old Archers I painted some time ago, and finishing the freehands on the banners, I can field 1000 points of sweet painted Halfling fun!

Update! Big Grin

Halflings have their own Steam Tank of course, but the standard version is waaaaaay too big for these cute little fellows. So they have their own model:

And another little update, a unit of Huntsmen with a skirmish movementtray:

Thanks! Big Grin

I've been working on this army some more, and I really need your help! For my Flaggelant unit I want to use these models:

Angry housewives! I have 6 of each of those models, but it would be boring to have so many duplicates in the unit. So do you guys have any genious ideas how to convert these Halflings?

And finally I have a little army picture of what I have finished so far:

Thanks for the ideas! Big Grin

Because I don't want to start working on my Flaggelants yet, I've been rethinking my colourscheme. The army is very dark because I just a lot of dark, natural colours, and that's why I miss the contrast to make the army an eyecatcher. I'm thinking of adding some blue to my units to make them pop a little more. I tried to show what I mean with Photoshop. What do you guys think? Is the blue too much, or does it make the model a little more interesting?

I think that the blue does help, but it also could be a little darker if you didn't want it to be too bright.

I think that hacving so much of the dark green is the real problem, rather than not having enough brightness. A replacement to the green on the sleeves is certainly good, but could remain equally dark to keep the realistic nature of the colourscheme.

Regardless, looks excellent!
Yeah, the blue on the Photoshop image is a little bit too bright. I was thinking about a more greyish blue like on the Wizard and Free Company champion.

To me it seems that the green is neutral enough to add a little more color, and red doesn't really work. It's still too dark...
A little update. I've haven't been working on the Flaggelants, but I have finished a Warrior Priest. So I made a crappy picture...

And I have another question. I still have to think of a design for the shields in my army, but I'm not really inspired.. Would this be too cheesy?

I think I will paint a few different design on the shield. Chickens, fish bones, forks etc. The Greatswords will all get the knife and fork design because they're more organised.

But work on the Halflings has halted once again, because I've been distracted by something else...

So I've started working on my Halflings once again. But for now I don't have any progress pictures. Instead, a pic from todays battle vs. Bolg. Some very cute Halflings getting eaten by Big Uns and Bull Centaurs :'(

I got crushed, but every battle with this army is fun. Everything a Halfling kills is a victory!

And now I bring you some new pics!

First, my very cute little Pegasus rider

And some WIP Outriders!

I also wanted to ask you guys for some advice. This is the guy I currently use as BSB, but he's not really interesting (the banner is still WIP).

So I had a look through my bitsbox, and found this giant banner, and the perfect guy to hold it.

This is the model holding the banner:

What do you think? Is the banner too big for these cute little guys, or could it work?
I have a bunch of old halfings sitting around that were once going to be a part of an empire army.  I even had some of the older ones, like the spearman chap with the pot on his head.  

Great army.
Thanks for all the positive reactions!

I was just working on the banner, but I have no idea what to paint on it. It's such a huge surface! You guys got any more brilliant ideas? Happy
Mega kudos for the megazord, that's just insane!!

bas_2312 Wrote:
And for some more fun, a little experiment. I'm trying to get one of the original Power Rangers actors to like/comment on one of these videos, so please share if you like! Happy

The dream is real! 1 down, 3 to go! ;p

(translation: David Yost, the original Blue Ranger, liked my video on Instagram!)

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