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Full Version: GH #13 - Voting Thread
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Wow, got some favourites but it sure will take some time to consider them all... Creds to the staff for getting the voting up so quick! Happy
Wow, now there is both competition, and some REALLY cool ideas.

officially.... YOINK!
after an hour off umming and arrring, my votes are in.
Excellent stuff guys!

Now guess which one's mine! Big Grin
Well hopefully mine looks "Alright" to you guys...Not too heavy on the base or instrument...if you can guess which one's mine, that is.

Is it me, or does #7 look like he's wearing a modified Ghostbuster Back Pack? (And mine's not #7, by the way.)
Some great stuff in there. Well done everyone!
I see that the Salt Shaker is gone!
my votes are in again #2 Big Grin
My votes are cast.
Wow, this is again the proof this is one of the most creative community in the warhammer world! Big Grin
Love these entries - so many pipe organs and bagpipes!

Carry on painting.
Made my votes and send them! Big Grin

Now I'm curious to know who will be the winner! Cheers!

Wow, this time the voting thread came up superquick!!! My votes are in, nice work everybody!!!!
I have to say that i am amazed at the standard and number of the entries this time around congrats to every one that entered i have now voted as well was hard to decided but i got there, best of luck every one Takes Hat off
This time was really hard!

My votes are in.
Sounds close... would be great to know the number of votes for the top four if they're still close by the end... might help encourage the person in 4th place Wink

I just want the results announced so that I can get my blog updated with the WIP Wink
I can't stand the tension!!!!

Move on time! Big Grin

Thommy H Wrote:
GMT is Greenwich Mean Time: i.e. the time currently in the UK and Ireland.

EST is Eastern Standard Time: i.e. the time currently on the East Coast of North America.

EST is five hours behind GMT. Most of the members of this site live in the EST time-zone, so we tend to use that for times and dates. It really is not that complicated.

Seems like it shouldn't be Wink  I live in a province that doesn't follow daylight savings time however, so when I look up people's time zones I also have to think about what time of year it is and then google where they are to see if they're on daylight savings too... poor Hashut's Blessing can tell you stories of my lateness for podcasts Wink


clam Wrote:
Oh, and if it's a tie - may I suggest that we just award both entries with the gold

I think this is not a bad idea at all. Keeps the results timely and does indeed reward those entries which the first round of voting (which for anything like this always has the best turn out/participation) who garnered a spot at the podium. Let's face it, in the extreme case, if there were ties for both Gold and Bronze, re-voting for the finalists could bump the original bronze entries off the podium.... it's not the olympics so it doesn't need to be too harsh.

That being said, it's not my BBQ and ultimately what ever the CDO staff decide they want to do is fine... just my (and Clam's) 2-cents I guess.


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