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Full Version: GH #13 - Voting Thread
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I have to admit that there are some very nice entries out here.I came up with the 3 top ones but it will definitely be a rough match Mad Hashut!
Wait, we can only vote for three.. um, holy.. I have it narrowed down t o10 at least.. wow!  some really amazing and creative entries... I am in awe!!!  The talent exhibited here is just top notch!  Kudos to all who entered for putting it out there.. wish I had dedicated some time toward this, as I am in sore need of a musician or two...  ha!

Great stuff!!!

hopefully I'll be able to narrow down my vote more soon... yikes!
Awesome stuff in here! Didn't think so many cool variations would present themselves on such a theme. Great job all!
Glad to see there were so many entries, I'm just glad to get slaves!

silentbob27 Wrote:
My votes are in. That was tough. Didnt vote for myself of course

I's say it'd be bad form to so do yeah.

my entries in! well done everyone amazing standards of work! just a shame the gloss has been taken off it a bit by the controversy... please remember guys this is meant to be for fun!

Tarrakk Blackhand Wrote:
Now guess which one's mine! Big Grin

It was quite easy for me since you were saying that i was a great idea that would beat Tjub and Obsidian.I'll pm u to tell you my guess. Takes Hat off
PS: When will we be getting our slaves?

My votes are in.   This is worse than waiting for xmas!
nice work everyone, my votes have been cast. now it's fingers crossed and hope for the best... but with so many nice entries...
When does the voting close?
I've read the first post twice, and not spotted it.

-but I'm probably being blind :-p
Cheers, damn it i think i need my prescription changed.
ahh... now i want to know even more what the end result is Happy
Is it 11:59 EST yet.
Cool, shows the truly great quality across the board!

How much time is left already? AAAAH! I can't wait! I just can't wait!
damn it EST is like 6 hours behind GMT right?
dang not going to know results for a while yet!
I'm sooo lost.   Grim is in England?  So GMT means Grimstonefire Meridian Time in England then -5 hours would be either the middle of the atlantic ocean or somewhere past Berlin?

Thommy H Wrote:
GMT is Greenwich Mean Time: i.e. the time currently in the UK and Ireland.

EST is Eastern Standard Time: i.e. the time currently on the East Coast of North America.

EST is five hours behind GMT. Most of the members of this site live in the EST time-zone, so we tend to use that for times and dates. It really is not that complicated.

Down here we have EST too.  I once lived a bit outback (northwest of new south wales) and we only had 3 TV channels and if it was daylight savings in NSW we had 3 channels from 3 different time zones

GRNDL Wrote:

nitroglysarine Wrote:
damn it EST is like 6 hours behind GMT right?
dang not going to know results for a while yet!

EDT/EST is 5 hours behind (-05 GMT).

Ah yeah, its 6 when we have daylight savings right? or does the US do day light savings to?

yeah two golds is fair i'd say.
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