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Full Version: CDO Reaches 10,000 Posts!
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?just curious but what the bleep is that slaves thing?

10,000 is a big number, i really hope we are doing something to boost chaos dwarfs in this hobby, i know every time i mention my conversions to a fellow gamer i give them this web address to check out, even if they have no intention of signing up and playing as CD's its still good to spread the word.
I'm also interested in the Slave plug-in Happy Is it going to be something like the 'virtual beer' at Bugman's? Or do you plan to use it to (for example) pay for downloads? I know that some sites do that. You can add a file to the post, and everyone who wants to download it, have to give you points.
And of course congrats to our admin (and the rest of the staff) for keeping everything together Takes Hat off
Congrats on your great success!
i have a slave, very random, i dont know how i managed to get one lol
so Xandor also has every medal when xander has none, strange your alternate personality is a far better converter than you
from what xander was saying in CDO CHAT! last night you just get a slave per post, 2 for creating a topic and 1 for doing a poll. so its just like an extra post count really.
Yeah that's tempting. I'll start a few hundreds threads and I'll be selling slaves to new-comers Respect to the Hat! Maybe I'll even setup a paypal account Evil idea

But seriously, maybe the slave plug-in could be changed to something like: a few for a good start (or Admins have thousands of slaves and give them to people who posts in the "introductions" topic) and then after each title change a few more slaves (with exponential growth of course Happy ). Oh, and maybe a few slaves just for staying with the forum. You know, like 1 per month or something. How's that sound?
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