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Full Version: Best set of 28mm Napoleonic Rules
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What it says on the tin. I've recently aquirred a reasonable collection of Perry Napoleonic miniatures. I really like the figures, and I've enjoyed painting historical figures for a change, but I'd like to play a few games with them. Does anyone have experience of playing Napoleonic era games in this scale who can give me feedback on some rules sets.

Thanks in advance,
Best one imho is For skirmish level I highly recommend Sharp Practice from Too Fat Lardies. Playable with 30-100 figures per side and a lot of fun. For big battles, I prefer Volley and Bayonet. Grand Armee is somewhat similar and uses the same basing. Both have the advantage that the rules are independent of the figure size or number of figures per base, so you can use what looks good to you. For 25-30mm, these sizes should work.
I've heard very good things about the new Black Powder rules as well...if your looking for a fun gentlemanly game that is.

Let us know what you decide on and please post pics of your figs.  I've been trying to get historical gaming (beyond FoW) going in my area for 2 years now and no one seems interested...Unsure


The best napoleonic rulebook is the Lasalle:

For a fun and easy game, you can download (free) "Warhammer Ancient Battles / Au crépuscule de l'Aigle" (WAB/ACA) here :

It's in french, but maybe you could get an english version on the wabforum.

There is also a rule for ACW, the Independance War (The Patriot) and the Zulu Wars, on the same basis.

You need the WAB rulebook, but it's basically the same system as WFB.
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