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Full Version: [Mantic Games] Orcs are here
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Well if this one sets the standard for the future releases of greenskin from Mantic - I'm rather exicted:

Really hope there will be a lot more like these Happy
I like it alot aswell! Happy

beat you to it Tongue Wink, there's a shot from the back to :-D
Big Grin

Okay, that comes for not give the off topic section a look - think these are rather much on topic and belong in here.

So hallo mods ...! Lock this please or merge with Nitro's - but please keep it in this section.

But I'll give you something new - utterly stolen from FU UK! (and stolen from a Beast of war-video)

the best thing about that shot is no giant evil alf faces too Wink
Holy crap, have they actually made a good model?! That standard bearer looks pretty decent. The boar is much better than the GW ones too (well, the head is, can't see the rest).

Not as keen on the actual orc designs, they look a bit generic to me. Banner top looks cool though.
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