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Full Version: Swissdicator away from CDO for a time
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Sorry everyone for being the bearer of bad news all the time (at least as of late) but I want to give everyone another heads up. For the time being Swissdictator will be unavailable as well. The reason is that Swiss's grandfather has just passed away at 99.

Swiss and his grandfather were very close and Swiss needs some time away to handle this.

Swiss's grandfather is also representative of those heroes passing away before our eyes, many of them each day. What do I mean? Swiss's grandfather fought in World War II and fought specifically in the Battle of Normandy. My own grandfather served as well (as probably many members of the site had grand fathers that served as well.)

So with all this said condolences go out Swiss and his family on their loss.

(NOTE: please note everyone I've been trying to balance this with not being to overbearing with information with respect to the Staffers. The main reason I've been posting these is the that in each case these are Staffers and we wanted to make sure that if you needed to contact the Staff you went to people who are currently active and or available to respond).

Condolances mate!
Sorry to hear about this Swiss.
So sorry to hear about this, Swiss. Please accept my condolences, old friend.
My condolences, mate
My condolences, your grandfather reach a great age. I hope he died peachfully.
My condolences mate.
All my sympathies Swiss
Condolences, it is sad to lose yet another great man who helped to free my country!
Swiss - my condolances and deepest sympathies go to you and your family.
Hang in there Swiss...we are thinking of you and your family.

It's always hard to know what to say in these situations. I think we've all lost a few close family members in the past. The best thing to do is remeber the fun times you had with them when they were here.
My condolences.
Deep condolences dude


My condolences.....
Deepest condolances. My grandfather passed away last November. Having no father he was my father figure. Hurts like hell man, take as much time off as you need. God be with you.
Thank you for all the kind thoughts everyone, it really does mean a lot. It's been up and down for me. I'm doing better though.

Here is my Grandfather's story of one of his experiences in the army, being a POW for 24 hours.
Hang in there Swiss, it gets better. Sending prayers your way
Hang in there bud. I echo what Tarrack Blackhand said the best thing to do is remeber the fun times you had with them.
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