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Welcome all to Artisan’s X!

What to enter?
The theme for this Artisans is to draw, illustrate, what have you, banners for the Dawi Zharr and their units. The banners/flags are to be line drawings with no colors color shading etc added.

What do we mean by this? Simply draw them in black and white and then scan them or draw them in your favorite computer application of choice.

Think of this as an outline of your design that people could use to color in with colored pencils, markers and the like to use and attach to units of their own armies. This contest has the benefit of letting your creative ideas flow as well as being able to produce banners that folks who are less skilled at illustration/banner making. Who knows, maybe you'll play a fellow Chaos Dwarf player some day with banners on his units that you created!

(For purposes of Dawi Zharr [Chaos Dwarf Army units] refer to the unit types listed in the Ravening hordes list PDF). In other words: Chaos Dwarfs, Bull Centaurs, hobgoblins, goblin, and orc units. For the purposes of this contest IGNORE any Dogs of War units as the focus of this contest is on Chaos Dwarf units, NOT the mercenaries they might hire.

The deadline for the submission of entries is the 4th of June 2011, 11:59pm EST.

Only enter if you are happy with the rules as they are stated below.

Rules of the Competition
Each member may only enter once.

There is no minimum or maximum size limit, though bear in mind that the idea is that these could be used in an actual army on the table top. Its probably best to draw at a larger scale then shrink them done before submission.

How to Enter?
To submit your entry upload up to 4 images to the internet, these cannot be a montage shot. (NOTE Only 1 scan/photo is needed for this contest but you may send more of your single banner if you wish). Next send a PM to Staff (a special user that all Staff have access to) with links to the images.  (Note: This is the same as previous Artisan's Contests)  

If you feel the place you are uploading it to shrinks it too much (as I think photobucket may), email it to  but please send a pm to the Staff account as well to let us know you have entered it this way so we don't miss it. Wink

How will this be judged?
After all entries are gathered a voting thread will be assembled from all of the entrants. The Staff will review and if we have to discount any entries we will do so prior to the thread being made public.

If there are more than 10 entries there will be Silver and Bronze Artisan's medals.

All entrants will be given a number of slaves equaling the total number of entrants (10 entrants = 10 slaves per entrant etc)

If there are any questions please contact a member of the Staff.

Well, glad you like it, get cracking then!
Correct single photos of your banner/flag, you may submit up to 4 photos.
No I'm thinking one banner per contestant, as such you'll only really need one picture of your banner. we can't submit a page of 100 banners then? (Like tiny ones drawn on an 8X11 sheet of paper simular in layout to the old Warhammer Presents Chaos Dwarfs book.)

Just one only?
Probably the best.
Blue: That's why it's been said that you'll probably only need one Wink If you wanted to send in 4, you can (as it's a blanket rule for all of the contests), but it's one banner and only one picture is strictly necessary.
Indeed most contests (typically the modeling ones) have required multiple photos for the contests. Its really not needed in this one other then one shot.
So to get this absolutely clear. It is ONE banner design and not a SET of FOUR banners.
Great idea for a contest , i think i might be able to enter this one Big Grin
I am thinking that "trying to keep the rules simple", ie One-size-fits-all, they have just became complicated.

But I think we all get it people.....start.....drawing.
Ahhh the nature of us warhammer players overanalyzing everything!

This is for one drawing of a flag/banner and take one scan/picture of it and submit it.

For the sake of this contest keep both sides the same unless you follow the example mentioned below. It may get too confusing for folks if they see two different images: (hypothetical response I'm sure to get: "How come person X submitted two flags when the rules say only one.")

For example of this contest look at the Word of Hashut #6. Inside there are examples of banners and how to draw them. The ones by TwilightCo are particularly good examples on page 37.
Note to self: if I ever wanted to drive my post... Be the bloke who posts Artisan Contest rules Wink
Just got started on this - I panicked and forgot when it ended so I whipped something up quickly. Now I can take my time and tweak it.
Well, I shall try to find my previous designs for some banners (as I drew out some thoughts for components for a spure for Chaos Dwarfs, lol. In the hope someone could sculpt the parts for me, then I cast them for myself!), then try to draw them in a useable manner and update them, then choose which to send in and post the others on the forums Big Grin
I have drawn some rough sketches on paper. They are more scribbles at the moment. Nothing I am happy with though.
Well we kinda had this already in WoH and once I had seen my banner drawings next to those of others I decided there are more than enough ppl who are way better at this than my humble self. Wink
black and white line drawings are completely different to painted banners, no blending colours, no shading, etc. Much simpler.
Time is almost up, got my entry in.

cornixt Wrote:
Time is almost up, got my entry in.

I got mine in too.

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