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Full Version: It is finally happening! Chaos Dwarfs are coming!
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Hi there,
            This week’s newsletter contains a veritable feast of new releases, so without further ado we bring you the first of our eagerly awaited Chaos Dwarf kits!

Chaos Dwarf Iron Daemon

The Chaos Dwarfs possess a mastery of steam technology that would make the Engineers of the Empire baulk in awe. The Chaos Dwarfs fuel these war machines with the resources of their cruel land. Primarily this is a form of coal which is ensorcelled to burn hotter and more constantly than would naturally be possible, but lesser materials such as wood can be pressed into service if needs be, and rumours abound of infernal devices that run on blood, ground bones and screaming souls.

The Iron Daemon is a compact, steam-driven armoured traction engine. Its boilers allow it to haul smaller war machines and munitions to the battlefield, and simultaneously operates pressure-fed cannonades. This means that the Iron Daemon is a powerful war machine, a fully mobile artillery piece capable of smashing down fortifications and hacking apart ranks of soldiers with murderous ease.

The Chaos Dwarf Iron Daemon, designed by Tim Adcock, is a complete resin kit supplied with three detailed crew, sculpted by Thais Mariblanca Lopez. It is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 23rd May.Experimental rules for this deadly war machine, taken from the forthcoming Warhammer Forge book Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, are available to download now from the Forge World website.

Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard
The Infernal Guard defend the Black Fortress to the death against any who would assail it, and carry out the will of their lord without question. Their ranks are made up of Chaos Dwarfs to which some stain of failure or dishonour has befallen, and in the eyes of the cruel and unforgiving Chaos Dwarf society such a taint can stem from merely possessing blood ties to a failed battle commander, knowing defeat beneath the gaze of a Sorcerer or presiding over slaves who revolt.

Whatever the cause of such dishonour, the Infernal Guard offer the solace of Hashut’s grace in death and anonymity in life. Upon taking the cult’s oath, names and past kinship are shorn away and their faces are sealed beneath hot iron and bronze masks which sear into their flesh. Only if they achieve great glory are the masks removed, exposing the warrior’s scarred face to the world once more.

Drilled mercilessly by their Castellans and barracked in the burning deeps beneath the Black Fortress, only the strongest survive within the ranks of the Infernal Guard and few can withstand them in battle. Fewer yet can hope to break their line so great is their martial skill.
Alan Bligh's Experimental rules for these fell warriors, taken from the forthcoming book Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, are available to download now from the Forge World website.

Infernal Guard

The Infernal Guard, sculpted by Edgar Skomorowski, is a detailed resin kit comprising ten Infernal Guard armed with hand weapons and shields. The kit contains ten differently detailed heads, two different styles of body and five individual designs of weapons, each festooned with the brutal detail of the Dawi Zharr. This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 23rd May.

Infernal Guard with Fireglaives
The Fireglaive is a compact repeating handgun that also incorporates a single-edged blade that can be wielded much like a halberd. The Fireglaive is a complicated weapon to manufacture, and a difficult one to master, so their use is largely confined to the elite and to the Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmiths that fashion them.

The Infernal Guard with Fireglaives, sculpted by Edgar Skomorowski, is a detailed full resin kit comprising ten Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard armed with these deadly firearms. The kit contains ten individually detailed helmets, two differently detailed and posed bodies and two different Fireglaives, allowing for a great deal of modelling potential. This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 23rd May.

Infernal Guard Command Group
Commanded by a Castellan, himself a once-shamed member of the Infernal Guard who has since won glory in battle and earned the right to bear his face to the world again, the Infernal Guard march beneath the cruel iron visage of Hashut, the fell daemon-god of their dark race. The clamour of their iron-shod strides are accompanied by the dolorous pounding of cruel drums.

Sculpted by Edgar Skomorowski, the Infernal Guard Command Group comprises three full resin figures: a Castellan, Standard Bearer and a Musician. The set also contains weapon options for the Castellan which allow the Command Group to be used with both of the Infernal Guard kits released in this newsletter. It is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 23rd May.

Warhammer Forge at Forge World Events
Games Day France – Sunday 22nd May 2011
Warhammer Forge sculptor Edgar Skomorowski and graphic artist Sam Lamont, as well as Forge World sculptor Simon Egan, will be attending Games Day France, which is held on Sunday 22nd May at the Parc Floral de Paris. They will be bringing a display of work in progress miniatures and artwork with them, as well as future releases that have recently been handed to our Production team.

You’ll be able to purchase our MkIII Armoured Boarding Space Marine and Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith Event Only models, as well as the recently released Eldar Lynx with Pulsar and Eldar Lynx with Sonic Lance, and the mighty Phantom Titan.
Warhammer Forge models such as the Marienburg Land Ship, Theodore Bruckner on Reaper and the Empire Ironsides Handgunner Conversion Kit will also be available alongside limited numbers of the Chaos Dwarfs kits announced in this newsletter.

The reservation period for Games Day France is now closed, and we will be sending out confirmation e-mails over the next week containing an order number, the total cost in Euros that will be payable on the day and details of any items we are unable to supply in your order.

Ead Brown
Forge World Customer Service Manager


So are the Infernal Guard the standard chaos dwarf warrior? Going by the fluff it sounds like they are supposed to be the elite of the elite. Are we going to be seeing a more standard unit?
They seem to be the standard troop.  As they have Infernal Guard with Fireglaives.
Does anyone else find the design resemblance to Bagg's work uncanny?  Particularly the scale mail shape?
I'm so excited, I'm bouncing around like a Great Taurus in a Cathay shop.

Blue in VT Wrote:
I love the style but am turned off by the nearly 6$ per figure for rank and file there is no way I'll be adding of these pieces to my collection.  I do look fwd to seeing some painted examples though.



They are basically the same price as other forge world models so we should have expected these prices. They are only a few pence more expensive than a unit of 10 DKoK


cornixt Wrote:
I'm so excited, I'm bouncing around like a Great Taurus in a Cathay shop.

Haha! Nice one.

First person to chop down a plastic Black Orc and add a beard gets some Kudos!

Xander Wrote:
Does anyone else find the design resemblance to Bagg's work uncanny?  Particularly the scale mail shape?

If the Infernal Guard had been sculpted with a similar feel to Bagg's models (incl. similar armoured beards) and with shorter arms I would have bought loads of them. Unsure

Can't say I find them too similar (unfortunately).  Scale mail is usually done in similar styles, I would have been surprised if they had done really long spikes for instance.

I was going to say something, but this sums up my feelings so well I will merely quote it:

rabotak Wrote:
Being a collector, I´m definitely aiming at getting a set of each new unit

rabotak Wrote:
being a gamer, I want to support the model line to support further continuation of chaos dwarfs rules and possibly even more new models at a later time

Just placed my order for one of each! May is going to be a good month!  My Avatars of War plastic Berserkers will be shipping around the same time. Happy

Bugmans Brew Wrote:
I hope they are not standard troops because they are missing the hats!!

I think the big hats have been reserved for the characters/lords/heroes/sorcerers.

I think people should wait and see what the other core units will be before they plan to build an army around only the infernal guard.

chrixter Wrote:
Very happy to see that ForgeWorld finally releases the Chaos Dwarfs.  Excellent command group as one expects from FW but the rank and file is a HUGE let-down.  Honestly -  minimal variation, boring poses and no extra gear for modifications.  Sure, the armour is well sculpted but the helmets?

I think the helmets are pretty cool tbh. Considering every one is different i dont think theres much to complain about and the models are so well detailed that i dont think theres a need for them to come with extra little bits and pieces. im sure if there is ever a more standard warrior unit released then they will come with extras. When ever i get extra bits on sprues they never get used anyway. I think when people actually start getting them they will be more happy with them. Im tempted to make an "unboxing" video when i get mine.

Im defiantly going to start Chaos dwarfs again.

This is the perfect base, Ill also get some of Brags stuff to!
Mine have shipped. Happy

I might do an unboxing too, Pyro, as that is an excellent idea.

Loki Wrote:
I have to say after looking at the pics in more detail i am starting to become more sold on them , still £80 for a unit of 20 with command is fair amount of cash, i would certainly like to see an unboxing if you going to do one that would be great

I was going to do it today but Royal Fail just delivered junk mail. They are completely useless.

Loki Wrote:
Not good , so many times have seen them get out of the car with a box and some letters and the letters get posted through my door and the box goes next door , its like they know we are waiting and do it on purpose , well fingers crossed for tomorrow Happy

lol one of the more frustrating things ever. Especially when i paid over £4 for postage. I dont know how FW can charge that for standard postage when they dont even give their models boxes but just the same plastic bag for everything.

Mine just arrived! They have a lot of bits. Bodies, heads, weapons, arms and shields are all seperate. I took a video mainly to show how many bits there are. Ill try get some good quality pics but i cant seem to get this camera to take macro shots. Its supposed to come on automatically but it never does unless the lightning is absolutely perfect.

edit: damn thisis a big video. Its going to take my medievil internet connection 2 hours to upload it lol. I dont want to lower the quality so ill just have to live with it.

Borador Wrote:
Good for you mate! (: Link the video once it's online please Tongue Wink

lol its going to be another 2 hours at least still. In the meantime i think ill start to prepare the models for undercoating. Theres a lot of flash etc to remove and the amount of resin used for the sprue bits is insane. They could cast a whole new set of Infernal guard with all that waste. Now i see why FW are so expensive. They are just covering the cost of the waste used for the sprue lol.

edit: wow they take a long time to clean up. but you really start to notice the detail. theres even stitching on the gloves.

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