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Full Version: Golden Hat XV - Voting Thread!
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Very nice work everyone!
May the best one win!
Kudos to the staff for the hard work they did (;
Hmm voted, had a tough pick on vote number 3 though. Quite some competition out there, quite obliterating actually. But hey, maybe I'm lucky enough to score a few votes this time haha Tongue Wink

Good luck to all, IMO, anyone deserves to win. I think all entered miniatures are well executed, really depicts the differences there are, even in such a relatively small online community, between peoples views on "The" chaos dwarf.

By the way, will it be made possible again to ask how much votes you obtained afterwards? (:
@Xander: ah that's great! Cheers! hoping for one at least Tongue Wink
@Xander: On beforehand I'd like to state that if I win one of the two random draw prices, I humbly decline, since I already have a Dronzak Bannerfist and I wouldn't use a death rocket in my army anyway Tongue Wink so if that would be the case, please pass the prize on to another contestant ^^
@nitro: dont think so actually, since they are already being enabled to enter, although they entered wrongly. I believe Xander already stated that they will have the disadvantage of not being able to get the votes that have already been cast.
Clam, roll my entrynumber, then I'll buy your entry as soon as you make him comercially available! Wink

Yeah, I know we have a deal!

Hashut's Blessing Wrote:
It's very difficult to decide and only made easier by me being strict with the "rank-and-file" part of the description - having said that, I feel bad as I can't discount how cool everything is.

Lots of people have mentioned that, but I gotta ask, how the 'eck do I make a call that something is rank and file or not?

After all, nothing says I can't be RnF from a elite unit, which would be a bit more involved than RnF of a basic unit. Being essentially dwarfs elaborate sort of comes with the territory.

I'm genuinely curious because I really need some help with an Occam's Mindrazor to cut out some entries. Besides my own (naturally, for me at least) I only see 1-2 I can "dismiss" out of hand.

I'm really stumped as of now. An I actually feeling downright despicable when the only way to cut down of number sis to make irrational calls like "I hate lavabases, so that's out".

Deeply impressed by what my fellow hobbyists have done which of course ironically leads to something of a dilemma.

Snowblizz, just vote for me three times, you'll get 3 slaves Tongue Wink
I mostly look at painting standard (but I tend to pick something 3rd ed-ish almost all the time Tongue Wink)
Willmark, mind my signature Wink

(@staff: we can campaign right? As long as i dont mention my entry number Tongue Wink)
@ Bolg: haha that is jut evil Tongue Wink
Nah Im just campaigning for giggles, I want ONE VOTE DAMMIT! Haha Wink
That is very true sir!

G.2 Wrote:
I can tell by all the recent posts, that a few people are jittery with excitement.

@snowbizz: You may find it easier to select your top three by doing a process of elimination. Do something like this. Pick the 3-5 that you "dislike" the most. Then do this process again from the ones that are remaining. And again. Then you should end up with about 5-8 that you really like. Then with these ones. You can start being super critical. Consider things like, a) How skillful is the painting/sculpting, b) Is it mini that you would really like to own, c) can you see a colour which looks out of place, d) does the base suit the mini.

Hopefully this helps out.

Something like that is what I'll be doing, right now I'm thinking I'll download all pictures and keep deleting the ones I "dis"like and see what I'm left with. I'm still thinking I'm going to have to start making decisions on "frivolous" grounds just to narrow it down.

It's a painting competition so I'd like to be able to just look at the painting, but alas, so so so many choices.

Ha! Now I know, it said 4 photos, some have more than 4 views are are so using more than 4 pictures which is "against the rules". Chop, chop from my longlist... Wink

EDIT: Being harsher than I've ever had to be I'm now down to 11.
EDIT2: Oh the humanity, the humanity... finally down to 3. It was brutal, brutal I tell you.

The only thing I can say about champion/rank'n'file/elite is that the creators dont all think alike. My entry is supposed to be and rank'n'file Immortal/2nd warrior unit.
IMO none of the entrys were "too much" character to enter this comp.
Great work every one and best of luck to all the entries there is a really great mix of old and new models as well as loads of great conversions

G.2 Wrote:

snowblizz Wrote:
Ha! Now I know, it said 4 photos, some have more than 4 views are are so using more than 4 pictures which is "against the rules". Chop, chop from my longlist... Wink

You may need to be careful with this logic. I too noticed that some entries to have 5 photos and not just 4 (or less). Then upon closer examination, i noticed that 2 photos in that composition were identical. So I am thinking that the admin staff who compiled the photos may have just made a slight error during the photoshop"ing" process. After all their were a LOT of entries.

Winky face, winky face...

I had to go with something to cut it down though.

Come on! Let's vote Happy

Bolg Wrote:

fonejaker Wrote:
The user has sent you 28 Slaves. The reason is GH15 entry

But, but, but... There where 29 entries d:

AHAHAHAHAH that's true! We wanna our slave!! Takes Hat off

Who is checkin' the website every 20 minutes like me? Big Grin

Bassman Wrote:
Who is checkin' the website every 20 minutes like me? Big Grin

Takes Hat off

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