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Full Version: Golden Hat XV - Voting Thread!
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Now mine has simply been put to shame. Awesome work everyone!
wow, awesome collection!! voting is going to be hard. I have to sleep on it (:

(many cool images have been saved to my computer)
I saw that the voting thread (this thread) was finally posted, so I rushed off to make a nice cup of coffee, and I sat down to look at all the entries, and they are ALL excellent. It is going to be difficult to limit my choice to only three. Great work everyone. Good models, and I am enjoying all the eye-candy. My coffee is nice too. Happy

Good luck to everyone who entered, and good luck to the voters for having to make such a difficult decision.
Just submitted my votes; great work, everyone!!!  Big Grin

Golder Goldeater Wrote:
However, Abecedar and Dino tend to come up with really kick @$$ miniatures so I will wait for their entries to come up before I submit my entries.Takes Hat off

I'm guessing if that happens, then the votes will all be reset for fairness sake.

Ah right, so they are free to re-sent them correctly, and the punishment for not reading them right is loosing a few possible votes.
gotcha, in that case i'd say to those affected, get them in quick!!
@Borador: Lol what if I mention your entry number d:
There are more fans of the classic range here, I think you'll be fine (:
I can tell by all the recent posts, that a few people are jittery with excitement.

@snowbizz: You may find it easier to select your top three by doing a process of elimination. Do something like this. Pick the 3-5 that you "dislike" the most. Then do this process again from the ones that are remaining. And again. Then you should end up with about 5-8 that you really like. Then with these ones. You can start being super critical. Consider things like, a) How skillful is the painting/sculpting, b) Is it mini that you would really like to own, c) can you see a colour which looks out of place, d) does the base suit the mini.

Hopefully this helps out.
Holy crap ... there are some really amazing models! Takes Hat off

I thought we will see more FW guys.

It's difficult to find the 3 "best" ones ... I think I will need some more time to choose them! Wink

Update: My votes are made - very diffucult decision!

Dear Mister Voting Thread,

After reading you, I felt the dire need to reply.
Please end very soon (and give me a vote). I wish to know who will win this clash of the Titans. Yes, it is true that some voters are torn between Scylla and Charibdis due to only being able to cast three votes, but I suspect even they can make up their minds very soon.

What I wish to say most is that I have feelings of great respect to all the contestants, who once again came up with brilliant work, and to all the staff members who made all this possible. And to you, Mantic Games, I raise my glass, you really went up the ladder by sponsoring this contest.

Looking forward to reading you soon again, Mister Voting Thread.

I bid thee farewell, and good night.

Sincerely yours,

Borador, Grand Aviator of the 101st DZAF regiment of Uzkulak

snowblizz Wrote:
Ha! Now I know, it said 4 photos, some have more than 4 views are are so using more than 4 pictures which is "against the rules". Chop, chop from my longlist... Wink

You may need to be careful with this logic. I too noticed that some entries to have 5 photos and not just 4 (or less). Then upon closer examination, i noticed that 2 photos in that composition were identical. So I am thinking that the admin staff who compiled the photos may have just made a slight error during the photoshop"ing" process. After all their were a LOT of entries.

The biggest problem I am having is to decide what a rank and file evil dwarf is. Many of the entries this competition seam just a bit to special to be rank and file. Great effort everyone. I shall cast my vote when I am able to work out which ones is what I would consider what category.
Thorne, elite rank 'n' file? "Big Grin"

@ G.2 yes I believe those pictures are the same, the "top" one is zoomed in a bit. Maybe it is due to the size a finished entry picture gets that they put the same picture on top of each other. I'd say to whoever sent that entry in, next time send seperate pictures again!

@Abecedar curious to see what you made! Sadly, I already voted Sad

@Pyro 11 is quite a lot! I think I know about 17 or 18 now I think. Seems that our own styles are still preferred, a lot more than I expected as well by the way.
I voted. Not too sure I picked the right ones either but with the competition this fierce it's going to be bloody hard Big Grin

tjub Wrote:
The only thing I can say about champion/rank'n'file/elite is that the creators dont all think alike. My entry is supposed to be and rank'n'file Immortal/2nd warrior unit.
IMO none of the entrys were "too much" character to enter this comp.

I think a couple looked like they could have been the unit champions, but I guess that comes from high detail and extras on them that would normally identify them as 'champions'

Oh thats a good tip for next time, I'll make sure to use 180dpi 1500xsomething images ^^
last few votes!!! Can't wait to see the winners!

fonejaker Wrote:
The user has sent you 28 Slaves. The reason is GH15 entry

But, but, but... There where 29 entries d:

Yeah were is the extra slave? :p
(2 if you count Dino's wrongly sent in entry as well)

Waiting patiently for the results!!
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