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Full Version: Golden Hat XV - Voting Thread!
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AWESOME work from all the chaos dwarfies

Having a really hard time pick my three favourites out
Just as predicted, it's an outstanding inspirational source. Great work everyone!

This will be a tough one to decide three favourites from...
You should've sent it in with PM here on CDO, if I remember correctly. A tip: Upload pictures of your entry here, for us all to see. Perhaps - perhaps - it might even get entered into the range of entries.

There is bound to be another Golden Hat competition later in this summer, so you won't have to wait for long until the next one.
Mines not there as well. sent it by PM on the 29th to "staff"  what did I do wrong?
Oh well Votes In.
Ok, my votes are in....... good luck guys.

Surprised nobody did anything like the figure I planned to paint up........ still miffed that I couldn't get it done in time........... ho hum, maybe next time Wink
Well done everyone! Our mighty Chaos dwarf empire keeps growing in strength and numbers! Seriously, some amazing entries well done all who entered and a big thank you to the staff for all your time and effort and to mantic for backing this contest! If ever proof was needed that ours is the most diverse,creative and supportive bunch on the net this surely was it! I also found it interesting that after all the calls for monsters and dioramas etc the contest that produved the greatest involvement was for a simple trooper! Well done again to the staff! After much deliberation my vote has been cast... Good luck everyone!
I came up with my favourite 10.Happy
The 10 became 8, the 8 becam 5 and the 5 became 3.Tongue
However, Abecedar and Dino tend to come up with really kick @$$ miniatures so I will wait for their entries to come up before I submit my entries.Takes Hat off
Well, my votes are in. I've voted with the question in mind: "Do I want to see 20-30 of these guys ranked up?"

Really great to see such a large number of entries. Gives me inspiration for working on my own models Happy

Can't wait to see the results! Altough to be fair I'm pretty sure which one is gonna win first place Tongue (not mine Wink)
I'll be doing like JMR, that is, asking myself what three miniatures I'd like to see a 20-30 model unit of, since that's what the competition is about. Bizarrely, this threatens to cut out two of the best painted samples. Tongue
By the way, thank you Xander, for putting together such a good compilation. Happy
Haha, there's a Chaos Dwarf made from the old Chaos Warriors with bodies in riot against themselves. Best use of them! Big Grin
Just placed my votes, one model caught my attention straight away for first but secon and third was an extremely hard desicion.
All great entries Takes Hat off
Wow!! As usual with this contest I am completely amazed at the talent and ability of the members of this community.  Everyone who entered should be proud of their entry... There is not a warrior here I would be ashamed to have in my army.

That said I have a few favorites from the options... Way more than three... But eventually I was able to narrow it down... My votes are in!

Again... Cheers to all!

re-sent mine in again this am, australian time though.  Doesn't matter about the votes, I just want my mini to be in there so as to be included amongst that awesome company.  Well a sympathy vote wouldn't go astray.
Pretty easy to guess me and mine considering my "affiliations.   Mind you you'd think a guy with my lack of hair would prefer hats. but beanies are sort of masky/helmy aren't they?.  Ah-Ha an Evil Cd in a beanie with pom-poms on it.   Boradors is about the only one I've got pegged so far.
So... When are we expecting results to be posted?  I'm a little confused... Ad usual Wink

Waitin patiently... Again!


I am awaiting the  results
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