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Full Version: Golden Hat XV - Voting Thread!
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Evil At Heart

It's time to vote on the entries!

We received 28 entries, which is tied for our most entries ever! That means 28 slaves are headed to all the contestants.  Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to Golden Hat

And remember!

Rules Wrote:
Additionally, when you cast votes you must vote for your 3 favorite entries.  Each (more or less) anonymous entry below is numbered ranging from 01 to 28. After one week, we will post the results. There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like we will do the rest.  All staff will have access to the votes.

How to vote
PM Golden Hat with the three numbers of the entries you like best!

Voting will close July 10th, 2011 11:59pm (GMT-5)

Bare in mind the subject matter when voting:

The challenge for Golden Hat #15 is to create a single Evil Dwarf Infantryman on a 20mm base that represents your idea of the perfect Evil Dwarf.

And now... the entries!

< 01 < 02 < 03 < 04 < 05 < 06 < 07 < 08 < 09 < 10 < 11 < 12 < 13 < 14 < 15 < 16 < 17 < 18 < 19 < 20 < 21 < 22 < 23 < 24 < 25 < 26 < 27 < 28 < 29

A big thanks again to Mantic Games for sponsoring this contest with prizes!  Also thanks to Clam for donating a random-draw prize!

Random Prize Draw Items (donated by members):
- Death Rocket with Crewmen (Xander)
- Dronzak Bannerfist [MM90 Standard Bearer] (clam)

1st, 2nd and 3rd will win the prizes from Mantic Games, the random prizes will be drawn from the remaining entrants.

Thanks to all who participated! Takes Hat off

Borador Wrote:
By the way, will it be made possible again to ask how much votes you obtained afterwards? (:

When I tally the votes, if you'd like to know how many votes you receive personally, just PM me and I will let you know. Happy

Wow, that is even more variety than I thought there would be! It's going to be very difficult to choose, they are all so different. This has been the best comp yet!
WTF! Were is mine. I sent it to you guys via email. Were is it?
But it says in the rules that I can send it to them via the email for the moderators. I'm sorry but I did what the moderators have written in the rules and this is just unfair.
Great work everyone! Lots of fun entries in there, and something for everyone!!!

Best of luck to all!

Abecedar Wrote:
Mines not there as well. sent it by PM on the 29th to "staff"  what did I do wrong?
Oh well Votes In.

They must be sent to the Golden Hat user, as per the rules.

Dino Wrote:
But it says in the rules that I can send it to them via the email for the moderators. I'm sorry but I did what the moderators have written in the rules and this is just unfair.

The rules state:

Full Rules Wrote:
How do I enter?

There are three ways to enter a CDO competition, the one required will be made very clear in the announcement thread.

The full rules are meant to encompass the many competitions we run which sometimes require different means of entry.  This contest (as with all other Golden Hats) requires a PM to be sent to the Golden Hat user.

If you send the entries to the Golden Hat user now, I will add them after I have verified that they were received on time.  You will suffer from the votes already cast as well as people knowing the identities of the late additions.

Aside from that, there is really nothing I can do; the rules were clearly stated.  I am sorry for any confusion, it is not my intention to make the competition unfair in any way.

First: my compliments to the staff. Another great job and great competition.
Second: my compliments to the comunity. Real hot stuff here. Another proof we are the best race in Warhammer world Wink
Well, I'm blown away by the sheer number of entrants and the quality of all of the pieces. It's very difficult to decide and only made easier by me being strict with the "rank-and-file" part of the description - having said that, I feel bad as I can't discount how cool everything is.

I recall people revealing feelings of blandness in a single, run of the mill guy, but I feel it was the right way to go. Back to basics and everyone can get involved and no two pieces are similar in any way.

I'm glad that I managed to squeeze my entry in, after having Internet problems in the last hours of entering, lol. I try not to leave it to the last minute, but that's the tradition of CDO competitions Wink

Regarding the entries being re-added: as Xander said, the rules were clear on how to correctly enter and we are being more than fair by offering you to resend them correctly (although we'll check that the originals were entered on time for everyone else's fairness) and add them in. The penalty for not entering properly is evident in that they have lost some time on accruing votes so far.

Best of luck to all and thanks to all entrants for taking part, thanks to Mantic for supplying some cool prizes and many thanks to the members who entered their own draw prizes.
Wow - so that's what you all have been doing Big Grin What a spectacular GH - and very interesting seeing what impact "prizes" can have Tongue

Great job all of you - though you made it so easy picking me 3 favourites. Bring out the D28.
Well I do not think say "I do hate lava bases, so it's out" is really irrational. Judging miniatures is not only about quality but also a matter of taste. If you do not like lava bases, well that's a good point to not vote that entry....

I do love lava bases despite not using them for my Chaos dwarves but I do not like other stuff and that is a part of my judgement.
Damn fine stuff here I'm going to have a hard time with this for sure.
My votes are in. I think i can guess about 11 of the entries (inc my own which are always pretty obvious entries lol) but i recognise a lot more. just cant put a name to the paint job because i dont check out blogs enough. Excellent turn out and its nice to see some warhammer forge models appearing but i thought we would have seen a few more.

G.2 Wrote:
You may need to be careful with this logic. I too noticed that some entries to have 5 photos and not just 4 (or less). Then upon closer examination, i noticed that 2 photos in that composition were identical. So I am thinking that the admin staff who compiled the photos may have just made a slight error during the photoshop"ing" process. After all their were a LOT of entries.

Not an error.

When I receive entries at a small reolution, I try to display the photos at the size they were given, this often leaves a lot of extra space, so I blow up one of the pictures, which distorts it.  If I am given high resolution images, I don't have to do this, and I can have a mix of sizes without duplicates.


Send my votes just now, Good luck for all the contestants!
My votes are in.
Trimming down to 4 was pretty easy..... but then it was really hard!
Now looking forward for results!

@ Blue in VT -- Midnight tonight (Sunday) EST is the voting deadline!
Absolutely awesome - 24 you'd have had my vote if you hadn't used such a yellow filter - I couldn't make out the real colours.  But otherwise smashing.
I have tallied the votes.  Winners will be announced tomorrow. Happy
Oh snap, the results are up.
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