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Full Version: Golden Hat XV - Winners!
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Evil At Heart

I want to thank each and everyone who participated in the contest!  We had 29 entries (28 initially, and one added a bit later due to an incorrect submission method).  28 would have been tied for our most entries ever, but 29 beats it by one! Again, a huge thanks again to Mantic Games for sponsoring this contest with prizes!

The voting was very close! 58 members casted their votes totaling 171 total votes.  

Without further ado, here are the results.

3rd Place - Bronze Hat: Blue in VT - #02

2nd Place - Silver Hat: G.2 - #24

1st Place - Golden Hat: Bassman - #16

That means Blue in VT, G.2 and Bassman can look forward to fabulous prizes from Mantic Games!  Guys, please send me your mailing address via PM so I can submit them to Mantic games. Happy

While we don't tecnically do honourable mentions, I'd like to mention 3 names who got more than ten votes each, they were #12-Clam, #08-JMR and #28-Fonejacker!  Well done guys.

Here is the entry key:
#01 - Hashut's Blessing
#02 - Blue in VT
#03 - Vexxus
#04 - frostbit3
#05 - Xander
#06 - JavlinVII
#07 - Nitroglysarine
#08 - JMR
#09 - Pyro Stick
#10 - Snowblizz
#11 - Alfract
#12 - Clam
#13 - Bolg
#14 - Admiral
#15 - EEJR
#16 - Bassman
#17 - Ryanamandaanna
#18 - Wallacer
#19 - Zanko
#20 - Tjub
#21 - Mahtipakarat
#22 - Bootbass
#23 - Thommy H
#24 - G.2
#25 - Vulcanologist
#26 - Golder Goldeater
#27 - Borador
#28 - Fonejacker
#29 - Abecedar

Don't forget you still have a chance to win a random prize draw! Thanks to Clam for donating a prize!

Random Prize Draw Items (donated by members):
- Death Rocket with Crewmen (Xander)
- Dronzak Bannerfist [MM90 Standard Bearer] (clam)

I will be drawing a name sometime this week, when I figure out a public way to do the draw. Happy

Thanks for making this another great Golden Hat everyone!
Congrats guys!

Oh, and two big hats in top three... Yay! Happy
Congratulations to all winners and entrants, we all got a sweetly crafted model out of the deal even if we didn't get a Mantic prize!

*A toast to Mantic Games* You cool.
Oh my god (Hashut, of course!)! Shock

Thank you!

I'm speechless Shock
@Xander sending you a PM now to ask about my votes! (:

G.2 Wrote:

I did have an "unexpected painting secret", which I used for this comp. I decided to use a white primer instead of a black one.....ummmm....I think I will be painting on a white primer from now on.

You deserved to win! Yours is a great entry.

I actually always prime my miniatures with white. It's the perfect primer to unveil details Happy

Seems to be working Big Grin

Very well done guys! Hold your big hats up high now Happy And let us see those painted Mantic models soon!
Think, this here is the first time I've actually succeed voting for all the winning entries. Excellent, excellent job guys, so well deserved - I'm proud of you Takes Hat off
By the way Xander, if you add Object Source Lightning to the base/bottom of the mini (the lava glow), your entry could've easily been a model by Ishkur you know! For a day or two you had me thinking it was in fact Ishkur's Tongue Wink

its a mini old school Chaos Warrior

That's exactly what it is. I just cut off his knees and glued his feet to the stumps.

Blue in VT Wrote:

Borador...While I can't fib and tell you that you got one of my votes I can say that this is the best model we have seen from you to date.  You're improving rapidly...keep at it!  Your figure choice is impeccable as well...Cheers!

Thanks a lot Blue Happy It's really nice to hear this and it is surely motivating me to keep on becoming better at painting. Really enjoyed it, that's what is most inportant after all! And you know what they say, skill comes with age, so I still have quite some years to practise haha (15 right now Tongue Wink).

By the way, congratulations on your medal, you were my favorite entry haha![/b]

Borador Wrote:
By the way Xander, if you add Object Source Lightning to the base/bottom of the mini (the lava glow), your entry could've easily been a model by Ishkur you know! For a day or two you had me thinking it was in fact Ishkur's Tongue Wink

Except Ishkur would never send a warrior out into the wild with such a small cap of a hat. Wink Xander always had his own quite unique style. The base was different this time, though.

Congrats to the winners and well done to every one that took part, with so many great entries it was hard to pick just 3 to vote for , looking forward to the next one to see what people come up with Happy
Some seriously impressive paint jobs, congrats to all Happy CDO's contests really are starting to look like some of the best on the net.
Congrats to all the winners guyzCheers!
CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!! even though I think the winning model may have just stepped off his great Taurus for a moment with his black hammer of hashut and all Wink
I've done the random prize draw.  I used this to make it fair:

Clam's Prize will be awarded to Entry #13 - Bolg!

My prize will be awarded to Entry #08 - JMR!

JMR, I will PM you to get your address!  Bolg, you should PM clam (or the other way around).
Just shows that participation has its own rewards!
Lucky gits Wink
Congrats to Bolg, Clam's standard bearer is awesome!
Great work everyone! I was a bit too busy to enter and vote on this GH. Hope to catch the next one!
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