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Full Version: The Red Host of Nir-Kezhar [23-11-2018]
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I can no longer see any of the pictures without upgrading to premium Photobucket.
look nice, i would love a few of these.




Admiral Wrote:

The aim was to make them look gritty, and even caked with ash, dirt and soot from miles upon miles of travel through the Dark Lands. Most of the rest of the cannon will be cleaner.

Looks like a metallic with a wash over it. I don't know what lengths you are up for going to, but two good ways to cake them would be some dark pigments (MiG or AK are good) used with fixer and built up in layers to create a nice buildup. You can make your own cheap pigments by grinding down Oil Pastels using a metal tea strainer, then all you need is a fixer.

Sprinkling plaster of paris over patches which you have dampened with water from a paintbrush and building it up layer by layer is another great way of adding dirt. If you want more lumpy dirt just make up a thick plaster of paris solution and paint it on with a brush (possibly with some sand mixed in) Also Polyfilla does a nice job. I used to make my Ork Epic buildings out of it as a mud render for the outside of walls.


heres a good mud tutorial as well
Some serious skills with the greenstuff Happy you should make a base frame that you cast to save time.
Man I'd wish I could greenstuff as well as you Happy I'm a fan of lightning as a motif but why not make them thicker as on the original shield designs? As for the actual axe I like it as it hints to the curve of the 4th ed weapons.


Man I want to paint one of those babies!
There's so many details going on here that with simple swaps you go a long way in terms of variation. In that regard having the weapon arm separately eases conversions.

Jobs a gud un!
Yes! Will be following this mate Happy
Hmm, this teasing is annoying when I'm not the one doing it! Wink

Don't have a clue what it is yet but this advent is great fun already.
The level of detail already promise a great sculpt Happy
Nice! Btw, I'm using your scetch for sculpting armour now on a larger project. A bit fiddly at first but I reckon I'll get the hang of it eventually Happy
Now that is the basis of a proper hat!
Not one but two sculpts?! Crazy git Happy
I reckon he'll get long sleeves.

Great progress btw!


Keep us updated on his progress making it to the shelves. I'd buy one too. Going to be some interesting paint schemes on this guy, stone or obsidian spring to mind. At the moment my biggest want is an Ass cannon, I'd pay a lot for a good one.
I just had the pleasure of skimming through all the pictures in your blog.

Your work is truly stunning: an inspiration!

Do you have any nice group shots of the completed units? Happy
Look great, although as a Chaos Dwarf player i want my girl dwarfs well dressed and spikey Big Grin
Those orc heads are awesome!  Let me know when you get them cast up and I'll definitely buy some!

I'm loving the flat sculpt as well.  Very creative and full of meaning.  I've long wanted to do something similar, but more on the Dwarf than the Chaos Dwarf side actually.  Flat panels for terrain building.
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