Slaves for the holidays? Willmark you shouldn't have...
Slaves? Just what I always wanted! 68.00%
Admiral, AtomTaylor, Bassman, Carcearion, Forgefire, Fuggit Khan, Helblindi, Kamphre, Kelharis, Malorndk, Norrick, Pappa Midnight, Skink, Slavemaster Hod, Willmark, Willnox, Zanko
17 68.00%
Are you trying to bribe me? I bet you like Bretonnians too! 32.00%
Abecedar, clam, Darkmeer, Jackswift, Pyro Stick, Tertius, TheHoodedMan, Unzul
8 32.00%
Total: 25 votes 100%