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Artisan's Contest XII Tie Breaker - Nicodemus - 04-18-2012 01:57 PM

The votes for Artisan's Contest XII are in. We already know the Bronze medal winner, however, we have a tie for 1st place. We're going to hold a very short duration timed poll, for only 3 days, to determine which entry will be awarded the much-coveted Gold Artisan's medal, and which will be awarded the Silver medal.

Get your vote in by April 21st, after which we will officially announce the winners!

The two entries you are choosing between are:

Entry #5
The Most Powerful Weapon of All

Thunder rumbled across the plain, echoing back and forth as though the gods were fighting in the heavens. Foreboding black clouds blocked out the weak rays of the sun, clouds that glowed red, reflecting the fires that raged out of control in the city below, and the rivers of magma that formed a moat around the Iron Ziggurat.

Atop that towering edifice stood the diminutive, black-armoured form of the Sorcerer-Prophet Avvar Khul. Even now, at the height of the storm, the wind lashed at him; but he stood as solid as stone - a comparison with a basis in literal truth, for his feet and ankles had long since turned to granite, an unwanted side effect of the terrible arcane powers he wielded.

Khul's tusked countenance held an expression of pure hatred and anger. Gazing down from the topmost level of the ziggurat, he looked on the hordes of greenskins that were besieging the city; from this height, they looked like toy soldiers, but even at this distance, their guttural shouting and bellowing was a cacophony of violent threat. From the base of the ziggurat to the horizon, the Orcs and Goblins swarmed; a rabble of former slaves, yes, but an army of brutes also, an army the likes of which the Dawi Zharr had never before had to face.

Behind Khul, his great rival Drakh Aghul spoke up. "Your arrogance has doomed us all, Avvar Khul. We cannot stand against these Black Orcs that were our warrior-slaves. You underestimated them and now we all will die for it. Our end has come."

Khul sneered, and did not waste effort turning to face him. "Silence your cowardly tongue, Aghul. There is one factor in our favour that you have not considered. We have a weapon of which the Black Orcs are not aware; a weapon against which there is no defence."

This gave Aghul pause. "What weapon is this? I have heard of no new artillery piece being produced by the forges."

"Of course not," cackled Khul, amused by his rival's stupidity. "This weapon… is treachery…"

Far below, almost lost among the teeming masses of greenskins, a Hobgoblin Khan looked up at Khul and met his gaze. Around him, his underlings skulked and plotted, curved daggers in hand. The Sorcerer-Prophet felt nothing but contempt in his black heart for the Khan and all his ilk; but times were pressing, and this needed to be done. His face set grim, he raised his right arm to the heavens and formed a clenched fist; and below, from within the very ranks of the enemy, the most powerful weapon of all was unleashed...

Entry #14
There once was an axe
There once was an axe from Flayed Rock
Whose edge was as dull as a sock
His owner was skilled
But no blood was spilled
And the Orc head received just a knock

RE: Artisan's Contest XII Tie Breaker - Nebuchandnezzar - 04-18-2012 02:09 PM

treachery is truely the most powerful of the two Wink