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Artisan's Contest XII Winners - Nicodemus - 04-22-2012 12:19 AM

The final votes for ACXII are in, without further ado:

In 3rd place, with a Bronze medal is ThommyH
2nd place, and a Silver medal finish, is cornixt
and out of nowhere, for the gold medal finish, with "The Most Powerful Weapon of All" is the darkhorse bitterman!

Well done to all the entrants.  As promised, each entrant will receive 18 slaves... and yes, it should have been 16 (one for each entrant), except that I miscounted in my initial posting, so the additional slaves will be coming from my most-productive salt mines. I hope they serve you all well!

And just for the record, here's the breakdown of the entries from the original ACXII post:

silentbob27 Limerick of the Life Drinker Axe
zargon the black From the Black forge of Zargon
DAGabriel Traveler`s fate
Borador Star of Zharr-Naggrund
Bitterman The Most Powerful Weapon of All
ThommyH The Hammer of Zharr
Nicodemus The Epic of Deephack Choppera
fonejaker The Dagger Of Malice
Rolemodeld Hierarchy
Herby For the greater good of god
Abecedar Storm Brothers
cornixt There once was an axe
Obsidian Muse The Three Questions of Priming
frostbit3 Ode to the Magma Cannon

Congratulations once again to all - and thanks to those who voted for mine Wink  Cheers!

RE: Artisan's Contest XII Winners - vulcanologist - 04-22-2012 04:38 AM

Big congrats to all the winners especially Bitterman on his triumph!
Well done also to everyone who entered and also to Nico for running the show...Oh and cheers for the slaves too!

RE: Artisan's Contest XII Winners - DAGabriel - 04-22-2012 05:34 AM

Today in the moon temple of Zharr-Dareis:

“Yes, great prophet, it has been an honour to partake in the contest! Thank you so much for looking at my unworthy contributions!” Htharikk Darkheart slammed the horn back onto the magic communicator and roared: “Bring me the artisan-slaves!”

The captain of his guard vanished from the throne room and some minutes later brought two shackled elves in front of Htharikk Darkheart.
“I just spoke with the great prophet and he thanked me for partaking in the artisans contest!”
These last words he seemed to spit out of his mouth.
“How do you dare to present something in my name which does not take the prize?”
“Great lord…,” mumbled one of the elves.
“SILENCE! Let me think how to thank you for this shame you heaped on my name.”
Darkheart played with the long tresses of his beard.
“Captain, put those two into a cage and hang them into the great crater for a week or two.
There they may ponder on their abilities to produce pleasing poetry!
If they should survive, put them into the salt mines until next year before we let them try again!”

The captain dragged the sobbing elves away while Darkheart mused how to rise again in the eyes of his fellow Dawi.

(Thanks to all who voted for my little Haiku)

RE: Artisan's Contest XII Winners - cornixt - 04-22-2012 09:55 AM

After seeing all the other entries I was rather surprised to see mine in the top two! I wrote it, then figured I could do better and wrote two more, but neither was quite as good. I'll post those tomorrow.

RE: Artisan's Contest XII Winners - Bitterman - 04-22-2012 11:17 AM

I'm... I'm a winner!

I don't know what to say!

{wipes tear from cheek}

Thanks very much, hope you all enjoyed the story...

RE: Artisan's Contest XII Winners - cornixt - 04-27-2012 03:36 PM

Here are all the limericks I wrote:

There once was an axe from Flayed Rock
Whose edge was as dull as a sock
His owner was skilled
But no blood was spilled
And the orc head received just a knock

There once was an axe from Uzkulak
Made of obsidian black
His owner unskilled
But much blood was spilled
For each head that it hit would then crack

There once was an axe from Azgorh
Whose owner was ragged and poor
He took it to fight
But he lacked any might
So he ended up dead on the floor

There once was an axe with two blades
Whose owner would take it on raids
He swung it with guile
But missed by a mile
and instead chopped the heads off his maids

There once was a bow with loose string
whose owner could not hit a thing
He could not abide
that his arrows went wide
So instead he took up knitting