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Carven Images & Temple Song Contest - Admiral - 08-12-2017 04:25 AM

A mass of archive photos from both old Hand of Hashut (thanks to Timothy Colonna) and Chaos Dwarfs Online have now been uploaded and stuck in the Showcase section. Check them out, but beware that it's a lot of pictures for the computer to load!

Carven Images: Hand of Hashut in Pictures, Courtesy of Timothy Colonna

Carven Images: A Decade of CDO in Pictures (2007-2017 A.D.)

These Carven Images are quick-salvaged ones, picked selectively by Admiral among our surviving pictures. The method is described in the CDO archive thread and active members expected to salvage their own images have on the large been bypassed. Aside from the above compilation threads, quick-salvaged pictures have also been uploaded to members' main hobby logs where at all possible, among the first posts. Do not delete!

This does not mean the end for our ongoing salvage operation. On the contrary, we need all volunteers for the Migration to the Darklands to conclude succesfully and restore individual pictures all across the forum!

Last but not least, we have a very special writing competition cooking on CDO at the moment:

Scribe's Contest XI: Temple Song Lyrics

Described more in detail in the legal disclaimer, this competition will see one worthy entrant's song picked up by musicians. More to be revealed later on...

Don't miss your chance to immortalize your songwriting!

The Staff

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RE: Carven Images & Temple Song Contest - tjub - 08-13-2017 11:05 AM

Wow... So much stuff to go through, talk about a treasure chest! Happy

RE: Carven Images & Temple Song Contest - Forgefire - 08-13-2017 01:13 PM

Nicely done! Many gems in there