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GT List Adjustment Blog - Father Grumpmas - 10-29-2009 12:43 AM

I'm going to be adding some extra bits to my already patchy army so that I can field an 1500 pt GT Indy list in early December.

The plans so far are for an eruption gun, a daemoneater, maybe a new deamonsmith character and possibly some new wolfboyz now that they can be fielded in units of 5.

Eruption gun will be a mix of Rackham and Warmachine figures.

Daemoneater will be one of the old tenderiser/whirlwind models

Daemonsmith could be a Hasslefree miniatures figure - not sure yet.

Wolfboyz - some of the 5th edition mounted hobgoblins

Don't expect pictures too quicky but I'll try and get a WIP shot of something going in the next couple of weeks.

2017 Image Salvage

RE: GT List Adjustment Blog - Father Grumpmas - 02-01-2010 05:03 PM

I got some new minis done for a December competition but only got around to taking some pictures recently

What I was panning to use as Inferno Golems (2 ilyad and one reaper elemental)

What I actually used (steam punk minis from Eureka miniatures)

Eruption Gun (Rackham figure)

Wolfboyz (I used chaos hounds as wolfboyz with spears and added a hobgoblin overseer to represent both a musician and the daemon eyes upgrade)

RE: GT List Adjustment Blog - Bolg - 02-01-2010 05:06 PM

I really like these:

great paint job to!

RE: GT List Adjustment Blog - Father Grumpmas - 05-27-2010 11:59 PM

Nothing too exciting but a few more bits for the GT list

I modified one of my mages to look a bit more 'Daemonsmithy'

Finished completing 24 rabble and added a Hobgoblin Overseer

Converted a second Bull Centaur command group - I was so lucky to buy so many of them relatively cheapily years ago.

Finished a second 'Hobhound master' to go with the first one

RE: GT List Adjustment Blog - tjub - 05-28-2010 12:21 AM

Really cool models, I hadnt seen them before... Especially like your "Inferno Golems"! Happy