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will trade my 6 year old for bighats
Author Messagewill trade my 6 year old for bighats

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will trade my 6 year old for bighatsJonJon 04-05-2012


I am the proud parent of 2 children one boy and one girl,and since Im a fool 7 years ago I agreed with my wife that we did not want are children raised by strangers in childcare so we would change are work around where one of us would always be home with the kids. I work nights and my wife works days and this has worked out pretty good for the first 3 years. I would work midnight  to eight in the morning at the prison and I would come home put on the  apron make breakfast ,change diapers and COOKIES I could make them and  sing manly songs to my boy. All was well I got so good at this  I could even paint miniatures.

STRONGE AND MIGHTY WAS I !  Then I decided my boy needs a sibling and I  told my wife (WOMAN ...bring forth another child and a girlchild sprung forth from her loins) and now 3 years later the girl is very pretty and sweet except for the bad habit of chasing the cats with a wooden spoon and her inability to potty train not a problem. Now my boy is 6 very bright, good in school loves his motherand pretty good at sports things are going well.

I recently bought an Ipad downloaded Angrybirds and Spiderman for him to play and explained to him there would be no more games this month,that he would have to earn more games thru chores and good grades.That was 2 weeks ago.

Well both of my children woke up with a nasty cough this morning ,so i decided to let him stay home from school,since he has spring holiday starting friday I didnt see the harm. So I gave him the Ipad and started breakfast then feed them,all was well .

I picked up the Ipad its in Japenees or Chinees and the keyboard has been reconfigured so I cant even type,I havent had more than 4 hours sleep a night in 7 years and Ive lost the ability to spell, I just grounded my boy from the computer and Ipad and TV till the END OF TIME. I am now googling how to fix my ipad the house smells like diapers and ... Please someone take these children from me.


Im a pretty Butterfly,skipping from flower to flower,listening to Nora Jones and bent on world domination.

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