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Author MessageHelblindi's only half evil Legion -- 14/10/2017 -- Hammerers
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Helblindi's only half evil Legion -- 14/10/2017 -- HammerersHelblindi 06-11-2014

Hello fellow evil stunties,

Maybe, since this is my first post, I should introduce myself. My name is Karl and I began WHFB a year ago. Wanting reliable troops and having an aversion to magic, I picked dwarfs, only to realize soon after that chaos dwarfs looked so much cooler.
So since then I've made up some fluff about a hold where dwarfs and dawi zharr live together in relative peace and cooperation, shunned by both dwarfs and chaos dwarfs. This allowed me to start converting dwarfs to the evil side and still use them in my dwarf army, and using infernal guard models for ironbreakers. I've also been lurking on CDO and checking out tutorials, but for some reason never managed to make an account, until now.
A few weeks ago, I bought Tamurkhan, and now I'm planning some CD-specific units.

So I'll show my chaos dwarfs here, the normal dwarfs can be found here:

First conversion were these "helldiggers", although i realise miners dont exactly have an evil counterpart.

Next: lord Helblindi on shieldbearers.

Working on Irondrake/fireglaive/blunderbuss models. About half of these are finished.

I'm also planning an infernal guard unit with HW and shields, but for now, only this one guy is finished.

These are the only evil guys that got painted so far. The other 13 are still waiting for paint.

When I finally had Tamurkhan, I couldn't really wait to make bull centaurs, and the plan arose to use juggernaut bodies with ogre torsos on top.
Two guys are being built at the moment, a third one is planned.

And bully number 2:

On the subject of these bull centaurs: I have zero experions with LoA, so what weaponry is best for these guys? I'm planning gw as these seem the best by general consensus, or am I wrong at that?

Let me know what you think, and expect an update pretty soon.

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