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Would you buy this Animated Dwarf Statue?
Author MessageWould you buy this Animated Dwarf Statue?
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Would you buy this Animated Dwarf Statue?Admiral 03-28-2015

This sculpt of an animated Dwarf statue of ancient times, or possibly a petrified wizard woken to life, will, if all goes well, be cast by Czech caster Jan Kral over at Custom Made Minis (a company which specializes in providing mouldmaking and casting services for minor sculptors). Mouldmaking will happen in May. Then, I'll sell the product in my first attempt at business.

Below are pictures of the sculpt and a scale shot:

Jan told me the sculpt looks massive, but I don't think it will be much worse off after the metal shrinks in the mould than any 30-32mm miniature amongst 28mm models. Size variation is normal in any population. Judge for yourself in the pictures.

However, since I like Dwarfs robust and round, it means that the statue model will probably weigh up to 3 times as much as your average 28mm metal miniature. Hat and optional hands help contribute to that.

Still, our worse-case calculations show that it's a viable product (especially since it is a multi-part character kit), and I hope to earn back the mouldmaking and casting costs with the first row of 25-30 casts ordered from Custom Made Miniatures. Once this venture has repaid its investment, I'll send down the Stricken Dwarf (which is less massive) and by then maybe also the scribe and slaves (if finished) for mouldmaking and casting.

I'll have to check on postage costs to various countries in various packages carefully once I receive any casts, but me and my brother agree that the end product shouldn't end up costing more than 20€ including postage. We'll see about price later on, but a preliminary guess would be roughly 12€ plus postage, maybe more maybe less.

As such, would you buy this miniature?

In case you know already that you will order the model, please PM me or tell me here, and I'll sign you up on a list to inform you right away of everything relevant once the product is released. Selling will happen through the market place forum on CDO, followed by PM and E-mail correspondence, followed by PayPal transaction. I'd prefer to use PayPal as a means to do business, not least since PayPal have a means for refunding should the order get lost in the post or whatever, thereby providing some security for buyers.

If you know already that you'd like to purchase the miniature by other means than PayPal, please tell me.

This is the closest thing to a preorder we'll have for this one. Signing up names of interested customers could help determine the size of the first order of casts.

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