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Photobucket TOS Woes & Third party image hostingNicodemus 06-30-2017

Greetings CDO members and visitors.  Five days ago Photobucket changed their terms of service and it has been causing havoc and disarray across a great many forums, CDO among them!

Photobucket has been a popular image hosting service allowing members to sign on for free and upload images which they can then share a link to online.  Photobucket started out almost exclusively as a 3rd party image hosting service - meaning you can link to images stored on their servers for free using tags.

In what seems like a naked money grab due to the fact that their business model of free hosting and the hope that ad revenue comes washing in hasn't been working out they way they hoped, they have changed their Terms of Service, such that 3rd party hosting is no longer allowed for any of the free accounts. Moreover, 3rd party hosting is not allowed for the low cost or mid-range accounts. For anyone using Photobucket to store images that wishes to continue to link via embedding on websites and forums they will have to upgrade their account to the top-tier Plus500 plan (which is ~$40USD /month) in order to unlock 3rd party hosting of their images.

This is a major blow to blogs and forums across the 'net right now and is reminiscent of the days when Angelfire and Geocities were going down in flames.  

Unless Photobucket makes an abrupt course correction the forum here is going to look pretty grim for the next while until members can sort out new arrangements for image hosting. This will also have a significant impact on the majority of older content here on CDO as well.  Hang in there with us while we all attempt to navigate this rather unanticipated curve ball.


P.S.Don't forget you can attach images to posts, but there is a size allocation limit for users here at present in order to keep the total footprint of CDO manageable.

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