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Photobucket Migration to the Darklands - Stage INicodemus 07-02-2017

Many members of CDO have used Photobucket as a freely available resource for image storage which allowed them to link images to the forum (called third party hosting). Unfortunately, with the abrupt and unexpected change in Photobucket's Terms of Service third party hosting is no longer permitted for free accounts or any of their basic paid accounts, and can only be restored at a cost of $40USD per month. This is a very disappointing and underhanded tactic by Photobucket, but they are a business and well within their rights to do-so. We as a community do not have to kneel to their pressure (as if any self respecting Dawi Zharr would)!

Chaos Dwarfs Online has a solution, and we need you're help to restore the forum to its former glory.

Below is a list of instructions, which we need you to read carefully. This requires little effort from our members and, most importantly, no editing of any posts made to the forum!


Instructions for members who have content hosted with Photobucket.

1.) Login to your Photobucket account and from the right hand side select "Download album"

The next screen can take a few second to load. Wait for the CAPTCHA prompt and follow the instructions to show you are not a robot.

You will be shown a progress screen letting you know that the image backup is underway. Depending on how much content you have and how busy their servers are this may take seconds, minutes, or longer.

Once complete you will be presented with the option to download your bundled content.  This will save a .zip archive to your hard drive.

2.) Save the zipped archive of your Photobucket contents. This will give you a file with the format (YourPhotobucketUsername)
You need to save the file without renaming it.  We need your Photobucket username in order for this fix to work, and it's easiest if you just leave your Photobucket username as part of the filename.

3.) CDO Staff would appreciate it if you would remove non-CDO content from the .zip archive at this stage.

4.) Upload your (YourPhotobucketUsername) file to Dropbox, Google Drive, or some other source we can download it from easily.

5.) Send a PM to Staff, which is an account all CDO Staff and Admin have access to. Include the link we can download your .zip archive from, as well as ONE example page here on CDO that you created in the past which has a broken photobucket link (presently photobucket images shouldn't even be showing the ad so just point us to a thread with missing images).

And that's it, just sit back and let us take it from there.

DO NOT edit any of your posts that have links to in them, we take care of this!! Takes Hat off


As a large amount of forum content is image-based we heavily rely on this content. In recognition of member's efforts to restore their content that had been hosted on Photobucket we are offering a new Medal for this occasion.

Behold the flaming fractured camera:

To be eligible to receive the medal members will need to backup their content and get the .zip archives to us ASAP.

If you are a member that has not been so unlucky as to have hosted your content with Photobucket, do not fret, you too can earn the swanky new medal.  We are still working out the details, but there are lots of members who are no longer active and we will need to backup their data (manually, picture-by-picture). There will be a special version of the medal for members that partake in rescuing this content.  

Staff are organizing and prioritizing a list of pages that will need this sort of manual help, so please be patient. We will post another Migration to the Darklands - Stage II thread soon, and in there keen members can sign up to help out, but Staff will be coordinating assignments, so please don't jump the gun just yet and start backing up data. We want to ensure Stage I completes successfully first before trying to pull off the more labour-intensive Stage II Cheers!

This will remain a work-in-progress, and we may need to post updates, further clarifications, and corrections to the process as we go, so please bear with us and with any luck we should be able to recover the bulk of the missing and broken Photobucket content.  


P.S. If you want to see what a restored page looks like, Xander and I tested this out with my main blog today. ~8 years of content restored without editing any pages - check it out: Nicodemus' *Restored* Forge of Unfinished Business.

P.P.S. The reason you don't need to edit your old posts is because we have some code that runs on-the-fly as the posts are read from the database and looks for links to Photobucket, and replaces them with a redirect to the image directory on the CDO server. If you go editing your old posts with img tags pointing to Photobucket this fix will not work.

Also on CDO: Golden Hat XXVII - Voting

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