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Author MessagePhotobucket Migration to the Darklands - Stage II
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Photobucket Migration to the Darklands - Stage IINicodemus 07-02-2017

Welcome to Stage II of the CDO image migration (backup)!

We need your help to continue backing up image content here on CDO, from Photobucket (if you find Image Shack content feel free to back it up, but make sure you save images with the correct filenames, and make it clear when you send in the zipped content that it is Image Shack content, not Photobucket).  

Because backing up another member's content is a much more laborious task than backing up your own Photobucket content, CDO would like to offer a medal to members who are willing to help out.  The medal is an upgraded version of the flaming fractured camera from the Stage I Photobucket migration thread.


If you would like to volunteer to backup a user's data here is how you do it:

1. Check the member list at the bottom of this thread (which is continually expanding), OR search for members via the Member List search function (or via Google if they've gone Unregistered), OR look for old favourites from your own memory, OR trawl through showcase, army blogs, conversions and tutorials to find members (this latter stage is particularly relevant for Unregistered members).

Check this Stage II thread to see that no one else has announced that they'll backup that member's content. To avoid duplicating work, please leave active member's content for them to backup themselves, for the time being.

Please do not pick more than one member at a time.

Announce in this thread the name of the member whose content you will backup. Staff will check periodically and update the master list at the bottom of this post.

2. Enter the member's profile (unless the user has become Unregistered), open any army log/showcase links in their signature may contain, but most importantly use the Find All Threads function.

When searching for threads, look for Showcase, Army Blogs, Conversions & Tutorials. These are the threads that may contain Chaos Dwarf images. The Off-topic Showcase has lower priority, so back that content up last.

3. Browse all of these Modelling & Painting threads, and start hunting for images:

4. Once you reach the threads start looking for Photobucket links. In the DAGabriel example above, although the images are loading correctly (for now), if you right-click on the images you will see that they link to Photobucket and will likely be blocked very soon, if not already.  

For example, the first image from the above example links to:

You will need to make note of the member's Photobucket username, in this case triekehr, and you will also need to make note of the subdomain, i964. We need both of those pieces of information to get this fix to work.

Also, in the above example you can see that DAGabriel has a subfolder. In this case, when saving the image you would also need to create a subdirectory with the same name Chaos%20Dwarfs on your system to save the image into. Please check carefully whether or not you are saving content from one subfolder or another when doing this or the image linking won't work when we copy their data over. This is also a tricky example as "%20" means a blank space. Don't put in a blank space in the filename, make the folder name "Chaos%20Dwarfs" in this case.  Moving on...

5. Unfortunately, saving the images directly will not work as the browser saves a redirect html page from Photobucket as the .jpg you're trying to save.

Instead you will have to copy the images location and paste it into a new browser window so that Phtobucket loads the image through its interface:

From the Photobucket interface you can right-click and save the image to your system.

6. Continue saving images for the CDO member in the same manner as above, going post-by-post through the threads you are assigned. Be sure to double-check the location of images that appear to be loading correctly, because like the images in this example, they are hosted by Photobucket and they aren't going to work for much longer. Be sure to backup any linked images the member may have in their signature as well.

7. Once you finish backing up all of the images in a thread you will need to zip all of the images into a new archive.

Please name this archive using the following format:

For the above example this would be:

8. Upload the .zip file to Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other storage service and notify the Staff member that assigned you the task, or send a PM to the generic Staff account with the link to download the .zip archive. They will take over the files from here.

9. Report! Announce in this Stage II thread that you have backed-up the member's thread (please list their username and the thread), and mention if it is missing anything.

10. Finally, you can either pick another member (back to step 1), or take a break and await your new medal.

Please note, awarding medals may take a little time as we will likely award them in batches.

Thanks in advance to everyone that can help us out. There is a lot of work to do, but with any luck we'll recover most of our missing and endangered content ASAP!



(Continues in second post. Link list length is too great for the forum to handle...)

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