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Author MessageBackground & Aesthetic Advice on T9A
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Background & Aesthetic Advice on T9AAdmiral 08-22-2017

Highborn Elf Aesthetic Advice on T9A

Shared some tips for T9A team, since art informs miniatures. There are lots of things to improve upon with the GW Elves, if one is willing to tap into more Lotrish reference sources as well. Copy-pasted just in case it is of interest for anyone around here.

Anyone with ideas for improving artwork designs or suchlike in fantasy, with GW Warhammer designs as a starting point, should share their ideas over on the Ninth Age. They're still in early steps. Many factions, many opportunities to influence the future course of the ship...

Use of Different Shield Designs for Highborn Elves

Scalemail Highborn Elf Design

Use of Swans and Dolphins in Highborn Elf Designs

Use of Abstract Symmetric Heraldry Devices for Highborn Elves

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