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Stopgap Manual Fix to Locked-Down Photobucket Pictures
Author MessageStopgap Manual Fix to Locked-Down Photobucket Pictures
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Stopgap Manual Fix to Locked-Down Photobucket PicturesAdmiral 09-10-2017

Stopgap fix to Photobucket images under lockdown (my emboldening):

Warseer's Captain Brown Wrote:

As some long term PLOGers and cornerstones of some of the Painting Log areas, the member Ash has come up with a fix.

"With the Photobucket pictures not showing; if you go into edit post and insert ~original between .jpg and [/img] as in .jpg~original[/img] then the original picture will show again..." and it works!

I have asked him to share that in the stickies at the top of each painting forum, but thought I would pass that on to you who had large PLOGs blocked in the meantime.



Those who have not yet replaced their own Photobucket pictures with identical pictures hosted elsewhere, may want to scour their army blogs and other hobby threads. However,  adding ~original to the address lines will not make the linked images compatible with the more thorough Migration to the Darklands solution!

Note however that we cannot consider this a permanent solution, only a stopgap option. It is possible that Photobucket may come to block this fixture, transform itself beyond recognition or go down altogether as a site.

Please see our Migration to the Darklands below for a sturdier long-term fix, and above all, please keep backup copies of your pictures on both physical and cloud storage, as many different devices and online albums as possible. Also, if you have memory space to spare, please consider downloading the following Google Drive folders to spread the picture files over as many heads as possible to give us insurance in case of digital disaster!

Google Drive Folders Wrote:

The Staff

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Stopgap Manual Fix to Locked-Down Photobucket Pictures - Admiral - 09-10-2017 01:55 PM

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