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Author MessageOcean-going Chaos Dwarfs in Shyish [AoS]
Thommy H
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Ocean-going Chaos Dwarfs in Shyish [AoS]Thommy H 06-07-2018

Got the new White Dwarf delivered today. There's a new edition of AoS coming out for those who don't know, with a lot of expanded background, and WD comes with a poster that has some of the cool new maps of regions of the Mortal Realms on it. I always scour these things for Chaos Dwarf snippets, mostly just looking for a name or a little nod or hint or whatever. Hey, after 10 years (!) it's a tough habit to break!

Anyway, this was more than I expected. Somewhere in Shyish, the Realm of Death...

Since the only duardin (dwarfs) in the setting so far are Dispossessed (vanilla), Fyreslayers (extra spicy) and Kharadron Overlords (lighter option), a 'twisted' variety is definitely something different.

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06-07-2018 07:44 PM
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