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Make Zharr-Naggrund Great AgainNicodemus 07-20-2018

The title of the subject is to draw you in - the real topic here is CDO traffic and trends in the greater Warhammer/CD community.

Here is a graphic showing the traffic coming to CDO since mid-2008 until today.  You can get this information (and more) for yourself by clicking on "Hits" in the footer of any CDO page

Page views, unique visitors and returning hits to the site all show the same trends, although the returning visits aren't as volatile. While the trend is toward decreasing traffic we're probably looking at more of a Bell curve as opposed to a precipitous decline.

This got me wondering about traffic patters and trends.  Google Trends gives us some interesting insight into all kinds of things.  I searched for "Chaos Dwarf" (the plural was below the threshold for tracking), as well as "Tamurkhan" and "Legion of Azgorh", and plotted the worldwide trends (including low volume regions).

The spike in Sept of 2009 coincides with the release of the Indy GT Dwarfs of Chaos Amy Book (late August 2009, I believe).  The Tamurkhan rumors started in 2010 and the book came out in October of 2011 (IIRC).  Sites like Bell of Lost Souls and DakkaDakka covered these and definitely increased the exposure and brief spikes in interest in Chaos Dwarfs.

I'm not sure we can replicate that massive spike in trend seen in 2009 as it was the first major thing for the tournament scene in quite a long time and lots of people wanted to look into it.  Now Chaos Dwarfs and the Legion of Azgorh aren't so novel to people.

So I guess if we want to have any hope of increasing traffic here and influencing trends in general it's to do more outreach, some of which will help.

Podcasts, vidoes, Word of Hashut, and fan army books (we're looking at you in particular ThommyH) are good ways to increase interest, but it will take time and effort. Certainly now that we're no longer an extreme "fringe" army like we used to be (debatable?) that's also going to decrease the interest and novelty for investing time and effort into producing these things. WoH was very popular and got covered on lots of sites and also won some awards.   ... food for thought at least.


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