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Author MessageGargolock's Experience being a broke kid trying to make an army
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Gargolock's Experience being a broke kid trying to make an armyGargolock 08-04-2018

July 27th, 2018 (I typed this up but I am only posting it now because I wanted somthing to show off in my post)
Hello, my name is Gargolock. I have been a fan of warhammer since I was 10. (which wasn’t that long ago) I have been a fan of chaos dwarfs since I was 11. I have been lurking around chaos dwarf online since I was 12. I have never owned an army of any race before, just a jabble (not a word) of cheap miniatures like reaper bones, dnd unpainted and my dad's collection of all the talisman third edition plastic 90’s GW miniatures (which had a single chaos dwarf). Long story short my friend loves undead and miniatures (I corrupted him) naturally my friend and I wanted to play a game with our intrests me being me suggested age of sigmar he said sure. So now I have to build an army of chaos dwarfs to crush the sylvanian forces (I despise AoS lore so we just play with the rules in the old world lore) of my hated nemesis... I have a lot on my plate as I have no income other than around 40 bucks every year for my birthday. Something you need to know about me is that I don’t fit in with my generation, they like fidget spinners and memes, I like Nagash and Archaon (and zhargon the great). I am a decent-ish painter and I have never done a conversion in my life before this project. I like big hat chaos dwarfs and I love it when models have capes. The rules I use for AoS is Tommy H's Rules for chaos dwarfs found in the fan made rulebook section here on CDO. I have a lot of plans for this army many of which will be on hold till Christmas (influx of models I get as gifts) but I still have stuff to do until then. Also my friend and I play with house rules, our points system is roughly wounds+attack multiplied by bravery with some exceptions (Tommy H got frisky with the rules for zhatan the black for example his wounds are only 5 which is average for a hero and his attack is six which is most one handed weapons so it comes off as only 100 or so points but zhatan has the attack of a one handed weapon but the rend and damage better than the average two handed weapon so he is 215 points instead) So I will share some plans with you right now. So what I am planning for my army to have done by May 2019 is this list:
Zhatan the black as my general
2 daemonsmiths
2 castellans
10 warriors with great weapons
10 blunderbusses
1 homemade dreadquake as I am not paying for the forgeworld one
1 homemade iron daemon
1 homemade hellcannon
1 homemade K'daai destroyer
Thats all I have planned so far if my local gaming store had some great model that could work I will most likely pick it up and paint it. I procrastinate a lot so this will be pushing myself to get all that done in time.

August 4rd, 2018 (4 am I should really be sleeping)
Finished some of the war machines (dread quake and iron daemon) they are my first conversions I have ever done. I think they are a bit shoddy but they look alright. I hope these photos work. The dread quake is a idea I stole from A guy named bob on here where he used a citadel pot as the mortar. I instead used am ancient humbrol enamel pot I found on the floor of my laundry room as the mortar then the base of a hotwheels RV as the carrying thing and the iron daemon is a hotwheel train with the roof of the Cabin thing cut off and strapped to the back the dread quake actually clips onto the iron daemon and they can roll around together. I am working on the hellcannon it just needs to be painted.

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