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Twisted Duardin sighted in Spire Tyrants [AoS] & Abyssal Dwarf News [KoW]
Author MessageTwisted Duardin sighted in Spire Tyrants [AoS] & Abyssal Dwarf News [KoW]
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Twisted Duardin sighted in Spire Tyrants [AoS] & Abyssal Dwarf News [KoW]Admiral 10-24-2019

From out of the fighting pits of Varanspire come the Spire Tyrants, a gladiatorial Chaos warband looking for glory in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar's skirmish wargame Warcry!

What is that, to left? Short, bearded, fat, tusked and angry? It's a Chaos Dwarf! Or Twisted Duardin, whatever you prefer. Now there are two, along with the Iron Golem Armator, also for Warcry:

It would seem our stout feet are firmly planted in Games Workshop's new setting. We're presently popping up as individual models of Chaos warbands, in a style that would be familiar to Chaos in 1980s Warhammer Fantasy.

Gonna catch 'em all, dear collectors?

Also, Mantic is rolling out new teasing pictures for their new 3rd edition of Kings of War (which will see an Abyssal Dwarf remake), as well as for their reverse/evil dungeon crawler game League of Infamy. The new reveals are a mobile Katsuchan launcher:

And the full villain team artwork for League of Infamy, including Meet the Villains: Karzel Runesbane standing on a box. Notice the curled beard on that big rat to the right. Apparently those vermin are the creations of Abyssal Dwarves in Kings of War. Mantic remembers our mad scientists in their background!

As you can see, the evil dwarf concepts pioneered in WHFB are alive and well, and evolving in the various new settings out there at the moment. Exciting times of creativity on all fronts, both by the community at large (as ever here on CDO) and by various companies. The Chaos Dwarf renaissance keeps going strong!

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