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Ancre's Mordheim log !
Author MessageAncre's Mordheim log !
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Ancre's Mordheim log !Ancre 07-05-2009

Look what I got yesterday in the mail Big Grin (Links lead to better detailled (and huge) pictures.)

With evil dwarves in it ! Mad

They are the dwarves of the black mountain from Black Tree Design. I intend to make a mordheim warband out of them, so I will have to convert one to be a priest and one to be a bull centaur (I don't know how I am going to do it for this one ...). I will probably swap and redo a lot of weapons and see if I can model a blunderbuss or two.

Originally I did not intended to have a special chaos dwarf mordheim warband, but then I saw these miniatures and I just loved them. They look like fairy-folks gone bad, and I think they will do nice chaos dwarves, even if they're unorthodox looking, without huge hats or a steampunk feeling.

I also bought drunken dwarves for my good dwarf warband, and a warlock (hired sword mage) because I liked the figurine :

I don't know how I am going to do the informers, I have an idea but I can't find any model that will look good. As they are slaves being fooled by their cruel masters, I wanted to have a group of models from a lot of different races that could be enslaved by the dawi zharr : an ungor, a human, a greenskin (probably a goblin or a hobgoblin), and I don't know for the other ones. Maybe a dwarf, and a hobbit. If I can't find minis that I like, I will search something like greenskins that could fit well with those dwarves.

Apologies for the huge and not so good images, it's the first time I take pictures of minis, and I am not used to work with pictures on the computer. I will try to paint them (I have yet to figure out a scheme ! ) and hopefully next images will look better !

Ancre's Chaos dwarves Mordheim warband !

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