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3 Votes - 3.33 Average   Helblindi's only half evil Legion -- 14/10/2017 -- Hammerers
Author MessageHelblindi's only half evil Legion -- 14/10/2017 -- Hammerers
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RE: Helblindi's only half evil Legion -- 15/01/2017 -- Siege Giant WIPHelblindi 09-14-2017

Hey guys,

I thought the recent Photobucket fiasco would be a good excuse to take some new army pics. Should anyone want to see my older photos, just let me know, I still have them on my pc.

So, here we go:

The Forgeheart clan, who hold pretty strongly to tradition. Bottom left: regular clansmen/warriors. Then the runelord (I had thought of a name, but now I lost it again Sad ) then King Solblindi, bottom right: the Huskarls, Solblindi's bodyguard (8 hammerers so far, 4 of which are represented by an ork slave, they also double as GW Infernals)
On the hill are thane Solbliti and his Grimguard(longbeards, former longbeard rangers).

Solbliti and his Grimguard. Right now, it's a unit of 28, 12 more await painting (they've been waiting for years).

Then we have clan Nygrund, more open to innovation and more eager to explore. Bottom left: Helsindri (dragonslayer), 10 warriors, King Helblindi on Rogi, the Runic Guard (still deciding on names): 10 painted Infernal Dwarfs, more to follow; then Urdblindi: Daemonsmith/Sorc Prophet.

On the foot of the hill is the BSB who still needs a name.

Top of the hill: 10 rangers with Zharrlemain behind them, and a hellcannon.

The Engineer's Guild: three gyrocopters. Then, from left to right: cannon, the Purple Rain (10 thunderers), flame cannon, Marathror II either as a Master Engineer or a BSB, and the goblin shooter.

The Swedish delegation.

10 Fireglaives, unnamed Daemonsmith on the right, and the Smurfs in the front (10 hobgoblin slaves)

Then the factionless/tiny factions within my hold:

The Salamanders: 5 Fireglaives/Irondrakes with Trollpedo.

The slayers (of course 2 of them were injured when taking them out of their display cupboard) and a yule dwarf.

On the left: Matilda the glorious Iron Daemon, then the flaming Bartimaeus, one of three K'Daai, 5 goblin wolf riders and Khormik Khan, who is expected to die in each battle.

On the hill: two bull centaurs and lord Ettin (mutant chaos dwarf) on his flaming Taurus.

That concludes the army so far. I've also been working on some Blood Bowl projects:

-finished my first dwarf player: a blitzer

-I'm building my own BB arena, painting is in its first stages...

The actual board is made in seperate pieces, to allow me to insert some dungeon bowl terrain in years to come...

And that's it for today Happy

Helblindi's Throng: Karak Brothar
My Evil Throng: Helblindi's Legion
My Blood Bowl stuff

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09-14-2017 01:13 AM
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