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The Romantic and the Love of His Life, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr
Author MessageThe Romantic and the Love of His Life, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr
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The Romantic and the Love of His Life, by Uhr-KulmbizharrAdmiral 01-24-2015

The Romantic and the Love of His Life, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr

Once upon a time, there was a succesful quarry owner. His toil and cleverness had elevated him above his peers. One day, his clan honoured him with a marriage proposal. The spouse-to-be was a harsh and virtuous woman, and the negotiations between the clans had already been concluded. All that was needed was the quarry owner's consent.

"No, I will not marry her. My eyes are set upon another woman, the beautiful daughter of a slavedriver. Her I will wed," declared the romantic quarry owner.

"Then you will marry beneath your station," protested the clansfolk.

"So be it. But I will marry the love of my life. May Hashut bless our marriage," said the romantic.

"High Hashut will rather curse such folly," replied the clansfolk.

And indeed He did, as did the father of the rejected woman. The married life of the romantic turned bitter and sour, and his quarries were filled with lava poor of minerals. His wife bore him horned Daemons for offspring and withered into an old hag before her time, and the romantic was tortured to death by his own slaves in the couple's bedchamber. For such is the fate of those who would fool themselves and insult the Father of Darkness by letting romantic love stand before the sound interests of their clan.

- The Romantic and the Love of His Life, by Daemonsmith Uhr-Kulmbizharr the Blind, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories during the foundation of Zharr-Naggrund*

* This fable reflects the pragmatic, status-sensitive and not least financial mode of the Dawi Zharr marriage market. Note that males are more common than females in Dwarf populations, which is also true for Chaos Dwarfs. As such, only succesful male Chaos Dwarf individuals will ever get to marry, with the highest-ranking of all having harems of their own. Where uncorrupted Dwarf society is dominated by Valaya and women in the civil sphere, Dawi Zharr society is structured very differently. It is thoroughly hierarchical and bereft of freedom, and it is not the women, but the eldest men in the clan, who have the final say in matters of marriage. Then again, imperial Chaos Dwarf society is entirely geared for survival and expansion in the hostile Dark Lands. As such, it is no wonder that the dictates of Sorcerer-Prophets throughout the ages have all aimed at increasing the numbers of their subjects and armies by a maximized reproductive rate. The ideal male, in the Dawi Zharr mindset, is the strong bull lording it over a harem of a herd, although this does not mean that strong or warlike women have been lacking in the long history of Zharr-Naggrund and all her holdings.

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RE: The Romantic and the Love of His Life, by Uhr-KulmbizharrDînadan 01-24-2015

Careful with your footnotes Admiral or soon you'll end up with a fable where the footnote is longer than the actual fable Tongue Wink

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01-24-2015 09:07 AM
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